Day 1269: Balance

My balanced intention, this morning, is to create a  blog post with balance.

I wish to balance

  • light and dark,
  • courage and fear,
  • joy and sadness,
  • reality and dreams,
  • rest and movement,
  • routine and spontaneity,
  • solutions and problems,
  • contentment and exploration,
  • active and passive,
  • structure and play,
  • caring and not caring,
  • my needs and the needs of others,
  • yin and yang,
  • beginner’s mind and hard-won wisdom,
  • thoughts and feelings,
  • facts and intuition,
  • social connections and  time alone,
  • health and illness,
  • the past and the future,
  • the here and the now,
  • talking and listening,
  • awareness and distraction,
  • the new and the familiar,
  • engagement and escape,
  • sense and nonsense,
  • patience and impatience,
  • humor and seriousness,
  • the important and the trivial,
  • work and time off,
  • sweet and sour,
  • trust and caution,
  • trying and letting go,
  • noise and silence,
  • sun and clouds,
  • day and night,
  • comfort and discomfort,
  • hot and cold,
  • so on and etc.

That’s a lot to balance!  Let’s see if my photos from yesterday will help.




What would you choose to balance in your life?

Here‘s my favorite singing group — Take 6 —  in Paris,  balancing their beautiful voices in a song balancing smiles and sadness:

I’m balancing that performance of “Smile” with a differently balanced one from Take 6’s live album Tonight (balancing here on YouTube):

I hope you balance my thoughts and feelings about balance  with yours, in a comment below.

I feel more balanced when I express gratitude.  Thanks to all those who helped me create this balanced and balancing post and to you — of course! — for the balance you bring, here and now.

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21 thoughts on “Day 1269: Balance

  1. I feel more balanced this morning after reading this Ann 🙂

  2. What I once could do with ease/the effort now required

  3. I love the idea of balance Ann.

  4. My son Steven would love (if he was still with us) Take 6’s rendition of Stand By Me his favorite movie and song..If it wasn’t for Balance and you, where would I be today? Thanx Ann for all ur inspiration!

  5. Many mornings, the first thing I do is read your blog. I have to balance my desire to find out what you wrote with my eyes’ wish to stay closed. I often find balance by reading with one eye half open and the other closed. Sometimes, my fingers don’t take up enough to write a response until later, so I come back to comment. I find it balancing to read things with my sleepy new morning brain and then again with my alert and wise evening brain.

  6. I feel so balanced, I hope Grumpy doesn’t tip the scales today!

  7. When I was a kid the concept of opposites confused me. It still confuses me but I was at least reassured when I read Derrida and learned that a concept like “opposites” is not grounded in reality but is rather a philosophical creation. Light and dark etc. are not truly opposites of each other. We simply regard them as such as a way of structuring how we see the world.
    Being able to accept that there no real opposites but at the same time living like there are, adjusting ourselves to best fit our needs, may be the biggest balancing act of all.

  8. As Blessed Mother Teresa once said: “There must be a balance between truth and compassion. Truth without compassion can become cruelty and compassion without truth is sentimentality.”

  9. I love your ‘I wish to balance’ list – it’s very thought provoking. I have copied it down so I can come back to it to help me think when mind chatter crowds simple, rational thoughts out. Thank you!

  10. Dreamer9177

    Life is about living, and your post demonstrates that beautifully.

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