Day 1268: Abnormally Normal

Yesterday, I met with an old friend for a two-hour reunion.  I am abnormally normal when it comes to reunions — I never miss one, if possible.

During our two hours together, an abnormally normal number of things happened, including this:  my friend (who has known me since we were both 17 years old)  called me “abnormally normal.”

What does abnormally normal mean to you?

Are any of these photos abnormally normal?






















Is it abnormally normal that this is my favorite song?


I hope I get some abnormally normal comments on this post, which I shall now end in an abnormally normal way:


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45 thoughts on “Day 1268: Abnormally Normal

  1. sounds like an ‘abnormal’ way of… hehe, I dunno! The pics of things that normally make people happy did make me smile, though. (^_^)

  2. Is it abnormally normal that I had never heard of John or Jane before this morning, but enjoyed that beautiful piece of jazz?

  3. Inflatable cupcakes guarded by funny monkeys seems abnormally normal to me.

  4. More than abnormally normal Ann. This is exceptionally normal music and post ✨

  5. Nice normal post Ann 😀

    • I am thrilled, as I normally am, that you’re here, Irene!

      • Thank you, dear Ann 🙂
        I don’t know why, but I rarely see your posts in the Reader. Wish you a lovely day.

      • I wish you saw my posts in your Reader on a more normal schedule, Irene, especially since I publish one every morning! I think it’s abnormal of WordPress to do that. I wish you lovely days. ❤

      • Thank you Ann. Maybe I do follow too many blogs, but there are many, as I only see very rare. Wish you a happy day 🙂

      • I wish you many happy days, Irene! ❤

  6. I come from a long line of “abnormal”. Very proud of that. ❤️

  7. Holly

    Fact: I need an inflatable cupcake in my life.

    Love the pic with the lights and reflections!

  8. Is Fun Home a theatrical performance based on Alison Bechdel’s graphic memoir? Or a non profit organization?
    If normal means usual or typical, you are not normal to me. You are an outlier on the side of good.

    • Aaron and I saw “Fun Home” when we were in New York last Saturday. It was last year’s Tony award winner for best musical and is based on Alison Bechdel’s book. We both liked it a lot.

      It’s my normal practice to notice that it takes one outlier on the side of good to know another one.

  9. I was told once that I function in my dysfunction. Is that the same?

    • Is it normal for me to admit that I’m not sure if that’s the same? I do appreciate how you function, Bradley.

  10. When a crowd is running in one direction and one person is running in the opposite, that one person seems insane, until the crowd rushes off the edge of a cliff.
    That one person I would say is abnormally normal.

  11. Acting abnormally normal.

  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE the way your mind thinks, Ann!! I know I don’t get over here enough but when I do, you never cease to amaze me what you see with that camera of yours. You inspire me to look at things differently. I LOVE contrasts, opposites, that seem to mesh or blend together to create harmony. I particularly LOVE the picture of the man sitting back on his hells with this incredible background. AWESOME!!!! You help so much and I hope you are shown appreciation for all you do. Bless you, dear Ann! Bless you! Love, Amy ❤

  13. hehehehehe oops ….. I meant heels not hells. LOL 😉 Go figure. Now you got an abnormal normal response from out of my oopsie. Tee hee …..

  14. When I see those words abnormally normal I think of my sister Sue just saying

  15. Isn’t abnormally normal still abnormal? I think it happens from time to time. I guess this reminds me young kids behave normal when adults around.

    • I think what my friend was saying is that I have remained normal even though it’s been abnormally difficult because of abnormally challenging circumstances I’ve had to deal with since I was a young kid.

  16. Ann, I would embrace the words, “abnormally normal.” Laughing a bit here! 😀
    My close friends would probably go the opposite direction: as in, “normally abnormal.” 🙂
    I liked the man with brilliant crystals behind him, smiled at the blow up cupcake and enjoyed the idea of Green Boston. I found New England to be so good in the 70’s at recycling, sharing materials and great re-,uses, too. I believe you are “extraordinary,” Ann.

    • One of my abnormally normal beliefs, Robin, is that it takes one extraordinary person to recognize another one. I embrace you and your comment! ❤

  17. I guess I’ll join the abnormally normal group as well! The things that make me laugh the most place me in that category…I love the “high four”–can’t wait to offer that to someone tomorrow using my most abnormally normal expression! I suspect a little confusion on the other end. 🙂

    • As is normal for me, Debra, I am thrilled and delighted to an abnormally large degree to see you here and to read your lovely comment. ❤

  18. So you can have it both ways?

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