Day 1266: Something You Like

Something I like to think is that reading my blog is something you like.

Is seeing this photo something you like?


Something I like is singing in front of people to the best of my ability without fear. Something you might like is that I absolutely did that, yesterday, at The Voice tryouts in New York City.

I didn’t get a red card for a callback and getting a callback is something I like. However, here’s something  I like almost as much: I let go of disappointment immediately, because

  1. I knew I sang great,
  2. I can’t control what The Voice is looking for,
  3. My increasing confidence is going to help me sing more in public, and
  4. There are so many other somethings in my life that I like.

Is there something you like in my other photos from yesterday?






















Something I like is singing  my tryout song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” a capella, like these guys (here on YouTube, if you like):

Is Acapella Soul something you like?  What about leaving comments?

One more thing I like: sharing some things I like with you, every day.


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39 thoughts on “Day 1266: Something You Like

  1. I like the view of NYC through your lens. I like that I won’t have to hear your voice only on video pretty soon. 🙂

  2. Was it still fun? Consider it simply another step on the path to getting invited back.

    I see that you took advantage of your surroundings and healed your spirit with a bowl of Giant Matzah Ball Soup. Good choice.

  3. SheryL♥

    I so love the song!

  4. What talent Ann! The are re excellent, something I like. Thanks!

  5. This is it! Something I like is calling Grumpy in moments like these!

  6. Those ducks are so cool. What a great thing to be able to sing! Such a joy.

  7. I like that song

  8. I like when I get a chance to drop in and say Hi to you Ann. ❤
    Diana xo

  9. hello ann koplow its dennis the vizsla dog hay dada sez wenever he sees sumthing abowt the sitty wot never sleeps it mayks him think of the wong we built this sitty by the wunse faymus minstrels starship!!! but i tel him he shud probly not advertise that fakt!!! ha ha ok bye

  10. I like your blog and your adventures.

  11. I bet those ducks have a locks accent too haha

  12. I like that you sang, Ann. I also like the photo of the Thai restaurant. I am drooling.

  13. Those guys make a joyful noise, and I bet you did too, Ann. And I liked those footprints on the wall, too.

  14. I like that you share them with us, Ann. Thank you!

  15. I like visiting your blog and lately I have liked sleeping because I feel like shit.

  16. I like—no I love—that you went to sing. In my fantasy I would like to do that too!

    • Something I like is encouraging people to fulfill their fantasies. I like to think that you might go to sing someday too!

  17. years of following & liking
    with regrets of nothing
    to offer in return

  18. Good for you Ann!
    Good for us too 😎
    Now that’s something I like!

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