Day 1264: What’s filling your head?

Last night at a therapy group, people’s heads were filled with so many feelings and thoughts that  my head was filled with a new idea.  The new idea filling my head was this:

Draw an outline of your head and add words and images of what’s filling it.  Then, draw another outline of your head and fill it with what you would like it be filled with.

Here’s how I filled heads last night at that group:



Ready to have your head filled with my other photos from yesterday?









What’s filling your head, here and now?

Since I’ve been filling my head with the sounds of the musical Hamilton, here‘s what’s filling my head as I create this head-filling post:

What’d I miss?

Now, my head is filled with

  •  hope that you’ll share what’s in your head in a comment below and
  • gratitude for all.


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29 thoughts on “Day 1264: What’s filling your head?

  1. I love the concept of the head outlines. Getting from a to b is no simple matter, though. But I’m sure just setting them out is a start and a big step forward.

  2. love the idea of drawing a head and filling it like that! Right now my head is filled with thoughts of meeting a fellow blogger this weekend! 🙂

  3. My head has been full of emotion…like so many this week. I’m using the soundtrack of Hamilton as a lovely diversion. 🎵 🎶 It always helps. Thanks, Ann. ❤️

  4. I do believe that an exercise like your head drawing can work positively. I sometimes draw a stick figure of myself, or with another person or a group surrounded with sunrays and protective circles.

  5. Maureen

    This blog is a snapshot of what is in your head, every day, Ann. What is in my head, I tend not to show.

    Will you be visiting a friend during your audition this weekend?

    • Aaron is with me and I’ll be meeting a fellow blogger Sunday morning. I always appreciate, Maureen, what you show here.

  6. Your blog 🙂 (except ‘video not available’)

  7. Your images filled my head with an interesting thought: our minds operate like circulatory systems. We may not be able to prevent intrusive, destructive thoughts from entering but we can counter them with positive thoughts–mental antibodies and protective cells.
    Then there was the time Descartes was in a cafe.
    “Would you like another cup of coffee?” asked the waiter.
    Descartes said, “I think not,” and disappeared.
    Humor may be the most powerful part of our immune system.

  8. I’m feeling kind of empty headed … in a good way

  9. It’s likely a good thing we cannot/do not note every thought in our heads–it is so complex and it needs to just be doing its work and play a lot of the time…I enjoy letting stuff flow in and out… This was interesting and hopefully the group utilized your idea 🙂

  10. THIS had me thinking.

  11. My head is filled with the same things yours is, gf. Self doubt, fear, creativity, poetry, love, hate, sympathy, organization. I think if you’d look at my husband’s, his would be all in a single (or double) line. Mine are all over the place, one emotion or thought no more important than the next. That’s what makes us unique.

  12. It’s a wonderful idea to use the two heads, the second one filled with things/thoughts you’d like to have in there. It’s such a positive way forward, highlighting the things we should be focusing on once the negativity is booted out. I’ll give it a go myself. I’m feeling as though there just aren’t enough hours in the day right now, so I intend to remedy that by fishing out my heaviest boots!

  13. My head is filled with the thought that if I were told I have two years to live, what would I really focus on? What is really important to me?

  14. I think it’s a great exercise to use the outlines of a head and utilize the space for a bit of sifting and sorting–an excellent way to refill our minds with what we know will nourish us! The Hamilton Soundtrack is excellent input, too! 🙂

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