Day 1263: Voices

Here’s what my voice wants to voice about “Voices” today:

  1. I’m trying out for The Voice in New York City this weekend.
  2. When I’m in New York, I shall hear the familiar voice of my son Aaron and also the new voice of a blogger whose voice I cherish on WordPress.
  3. 49 beautiful voices were silenced, too soon, by gunfire in Orlando last weekend.
  4. This week, I’ve heard many voices in therapy discussing the mass shooting in Orlando.
  5. Many voices joined together on the U.S. Senate floor yesterday, crying out against gun policies in my country.
  6. On September 21, I’m having open heart surgery in Minnesota, which will most likely interrupt my voice here on WordPress. However, my boyfriend Michael’s voice will continue my unbroken streak of what will then be over thirteen hundred consecutive daily blog voicings.
  7. Today,  there will be a phone call containing the voices of my long-time cardiologist Dr. Deeb Salem and the Mayo Clinic cardiologist Dr. Carole Warnes — both of whom hold my heart in their hands.
  8. Yesterday, I heard Dr. Salem’s voice say this at Boston’s Tufts Medical Center: “You’ll feel like you’ve been hit by a truck” after September’s valve replacement surgery — a voicing I appreciate much more than all the voices I’ve heard lately downplaying how invasive this operation actually is.
  9. Sometimes I’ve judged my own voice as too soft, too loud, not strong enough and not good enough. I feel more secure in my own voice, every day.
  10. Judgment squelches voices.
  11. I value authentic voices.

Yesterday, I heard many voices at two different hospitals, near Fenway Park,  and at a PetSmart.  Can you hear any of those voices in my photos?

















Do any of those voices resonate with you, here and now?

Here are some voices evoked by this post (on Youtube here and here):

WTF!  I hope I hear many of your voices in comments about my blogging voice today.

I shall now voice my gratitude towards all those who helped me bring together all the voices in this post and to you — of course! –for your valuable, authentic voice.

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36 thoughts on “Day 1263: Voices

  1. Kathy T

    Go Ann! Sing in your ever lovely and authentic voice!!

  2. I am so so glad you are using your voice to sing your heart out to the world this weekend and to help and defend your heart by giving voice to your needs. I am in a situation right now where I need to do that and I am learning how from you . On September 21 you’re going to feel like you have been hit by a truck, but thankfully it is not really going to be a truck; it’s going to be the hands of the world’s most powerful heart healers working with the best medical knowledge in the world and with the love and approval of your beloved Dr. Deeb, who is so honest with you

    I am so glad that Michael is going to help you get your voice back by being your guest blogger. I love Michael because he loves you and because he often uses his gentle sense of humour to support you, and I hope you will not feel jealous when I say that I am really looking forward to hearing his thoughts about how you are doing … and maybe have the opportunity to ask him for recipes.

    Good luck this weekend!

  3. Some great voices here. Good luck with the audition Ann.

  4. I hear you Ann 💕

  5. Good luck/break a leg! I hear the voices of the lizards as they look through the glass and say WTF?!

  6. Andrea

    Good luck on your audition this weekend. Knock their socks off!

  7. I’m so glad you’ll once again be adding your voice to The Voice tryouts. And that Michael will be your voice in your time of need.
    Yesterday I added a note to the guest book at a candlelight vigil. I wrote, “May we each be a light against the darkness.”
    I didn’t realize until now that I was adding my voice, and I’m so glad your voice continues on too.

    Just make sure you get the license number of that truck.

  8. I’m so excited about your Voice audition!! And I’m glad you will be getting the heart surgery out of the way in a couple months. Anticipation is the worst part. Once you get it behind you then every day is another step toward healing. We’re all rooting for you in this, and in everything you do. Hear that!

    • I shall hold on to your voice saying, “Every day is another step toward healing.” Thanks for bringing your wonderful voice here.

  9. You’ll have to let us know how the audition goes. Good luck!

  10. Holly

    Sing on! ❤

  11. Good luck. You deserve the best of everything.

  12. Let me add my voice for your good fortune on “The Voice.”

  13. So many voices to hear in this post! I want to hear the one singing!!!!

  14. Good luck with The Voice! Keep the voice of positivity in your head Ann. I can’t believe I will actually get to hear your voice!!

  15. Good for Michael

  16. What an amazing thing to do, to try out at The Voice. I imagine your voice is strong and clear, to match your determined personality, and I’m sure you’ll sing beautifully this weekend. You can also be sure that voices worldwide are united in their feelngs about the tragedy in Orlando. And the heart mural made by the students is beautiful, as is its message of hope and togetherness after that awful bombing.

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