Day 1262: Pain

It pains me slightly to realize, here and now, that I have never, ever written a blog post with the word “pain” in the title during all my twelve hundred and sixty-one days of uninterrupted daily blogging, before today.

Even when I wrote about the important concept of “absence of pain” two months ago, that post did not include “pain” in its title.

I shall now take pains to speculate why I have avoided naming “pain” in my blog titles.

  1. My work as a psychotherapist centers so much on people’s pain.
  2. The news is  always filled with pain.
  3. I avoid, whenever possible, taking medication for pain.
  4. I suffered a lot of pain when I was in the hospital as a child.
  5. I worry about future pain.
  6. Because I’m a mother, I fear the possibility of my son experiencing pain.
  7. In almost every therapy group I facilitate, the common themes include “physical pain” and “emotional pain.”
  8. Pain – even though it’s an important warning signal from our bodies blah blah blah — sucks.

Here are all the photos I took yesterday, in a world of pain and hurt:





It pains me to think of a world without personal power or without love.

It also pains me to imagine dealing with pain without music. Here‘s Sting and The Police performing King of Pain:

Humor also helps me relieve pain. Here‘s “Weird Al” Yankovic‘s parody of King of Pain:


Would it pain you to join me in focusing on pain today? If not, please take pains to comment below.

It doesn’t pain me to repeat myself, especially when I’m expressing gratitude to you all.


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31 thoughts on “Day 1262: Pain

  1. It pains me to think of the pain you had as a child Ann- but you turned that pain into something positive by spending your life helping people. Thanks for the wake up song to Sting- one of my favorite songs! We just taught our 1st graders about palindromes last week- will have to point out the dates too! Have a great day

  2. So much pain, so many voices have gone silent. Thank you for being steadfast in your blogging, Ann. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate folks like you. 💖 And…thanks for Sting.

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  4. It is actually a pain that the second point on your list is so true. Would viewing figures fall off if that choice was not made by the broadcasters?

    • I think the pain we feel from watching the news, Derrick, is a direct result of painfully profit-conscious broadcasters.

  5. Painfully aware of the pain in the world and have stopped watching the news. Enjoy Sting. We’re we ever that young? Fascinating Palindrome. Thanks for pointing it out. Pain needs to be boxed up and happiness spread around like honey!

  6. The library where I work subscribes to a journal called Pain, and it gives me a good feeling to know that there are scientists studying pain, working to find ways to alleviate or even prevent it, although its price tag–almost $1500–must cause a little sting to those who do the budgeting.

  7. There’s been so much pain in the world this week. It’s impossible to avoid, but one can learn to work through it,

  8. Thank YOU for being awesome. Love the photos.

  9. There is much that brings pain as we experience all of life’s ups and downs. Thank you for talking about this four letter word and alleviating it in the lives of others 💕

    • Thank you for alleviating pain every time you write, Val. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

      • I’m not sure if that is true … Because sometimes we have to meet pain and work and breathe through it . But I do appreciate your pain alleviating comment 😍

  10. Maureen

    Do you think that your little white cat, Tuffy, helped you with pain? I like to honk that.

  11. Maureen

    Think, not honk! 🙂

  12. I think no one like pain but it is part of our nature or being (unfortunately). No pain in writing here.

  13. I think most of us will do just about anything to avoid pain…and I don’t even like to think about it, although I’m aware it’s all around me. I much prefer looking at interesting images, and you consistently offer something that puts a smile on my face!

  14. This was not at all a painful post to read, Ann, although it lists many things in life that are. As you say, the news is too often filled with pain. It also saddens me to know of your painful years as a child, and I truly hope the future is much kinder to you.Pain is not always an easy thing to talk about,and I can only praise your work with others who suffer physical and/or emotional pain.

  15. Sometimes numbness and pain meet and if you trace a line across that border with the lightest touch of a pencil, pain becomes numbness and numbness remembers touch

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