Day 1256: Needy

I need to ask this question: Why do people need to needle themselves and others about being needy?  Why do we need to define “needy” as something that needs to be negative?

We all have needs.  We need to rejoice in being needy.

In a therapy group yesterday, I needed to make a list of many needs.



With 51 needs (incorrectly numbered  as 43 above), I am obviously very needy.

I need to tell you  that I need more sleep (#22 above) these days because I need to have heart surgery in September. I also need to ask why it’s so hard, sometimes, to get what we need.

I need to share the other photos I needed to take yesterday.
















Needy Ann needs to share the pleasures of some needy music with her needy readers.

What do you need, here and now?

I need to thank everybody who helped me create this needy post and you — of course! — for needing to read it.



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31 thoughts on “Day 1256: Needy

  1. All you need is love. LOVE is all you need. All you need is love, love love is all you need- well okay air, water, food and sleep, world peace and I guess the rest of that list of fifty, too. Oh and knitting, I need my knitting.

  2. I am needy. I’m pretty proud of that. Thanks for starting my day with the Beatles, Ann. ☺

  3. I need to say that seeing the world through your eyes always makes me smile.

  4. Deb

    After reading this, I will gladly say I am happily needy from now on. Thank you.

  5. Thank you for celebrating our needs today Ann. I’ve noticed, that in times when life becomes precious, I need to touch others and be touched. Physically and emotionally! Thanks for touching me Ann. 💕

  6. P.s. What’s the map about?

    • The map was at Lakota Bakery in Arlington Massachusetts, which has the most delicious cookies ever. The map shows all the places people needed to take or ship Lakota cookies to.

  7. I like that the Moon is listed as one of your needs. Our need for the sun is obvious but without the stabilizing effect of the Moon our world would be very different. So many of the things we need–including our air and water–are here because of the Moon.

  8. I need to say I loved this post. It has always stuck with my that on old boyfriend told me I was too needy- bothering me at the time, but now I embrace it. I am needy. 🙂

  9. not needing others
    is a most successful
    but unfortunate
    advertising campaign 🙂

  10. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Glad you’re here Ann.

  11. That is a good point and I absolutely agreed with you about the negative tone of needy. Those are good list of needful things!

  12. I am needy for a good novel, get me the laptop!

  13. “Needy” seems to have a negative connotation, because the ‘needy’ are considered a burden in society. You give it a positive twist.

    • Thanks, Maria, for another positive twist.

      • You’re welcome. Yes, the “needy” are often associated with hardship such as poverty, handicaps, mental crisis, you name it. It’s a tricky word but it’s there, so analyzing its meaning helps.

  14. Kathy

    I need me a dose of Ann soon.

  15. We all need to be needed

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