Day 1254: Important

How do we decide what’s important, moment to moment?

Which of these photos seem most important to you?













Which of the four musical references in this important post  is most important to you?





If you receive this post via email and it’s important for you to get the links to those four musical references,  they’re here, here, here, and here on important YouTube.

What’s most important for me to realize —  as I’m creating this post on this important day — is this:  two months after my first heart surgery at age 10, I was looking good with my new kitty, Tuffy.  That’s especially important for me to realize as I face heart surgery, again, three months from now.

As always, it’s important to thank all those who helped me create this post and you — of course!  — because you’re so important to me.



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28 thoughts on “Day 1254: Important

  1. What’s important is that you likely have some of the best doctors at what is arguably one of the best hospitals in the world. I would think that is an important combination for success. Aside from that, it was important to remember the frst time I heard the Jet song, back in 1972. It was incorporated into a song entitled “Gutter Cats vs The Jets” and was on the Alice Cooper album, School’s Out. The song however, is not as imporatnt as the doctors; just ask Maslow

  2. That fish face lemon makes me smile this morning, Ann, and that’s a great way to get ready for the day, my cool cat friend.

  3. Writing at 10, how wonderful that you still have that. ☺

  4. rohvannyn

    When I decide what is most important to me, I keep returning to that teabag quotation. May surgery go well and your recovery go swiftly. How do we decide what’s important? Part of it is adhering to those core ideals that we mindfully choose, and part of it is instinct and intuition, and that follows the guidelines we have instilled in us from childhood.

  5. What’s important to remember is even if you’re a Jet you don’t have to stay that way. You can decide what to keep and what to throw away.

  6. You had your first surgery at 10? You ARE a trooper! Your little strong heart is now a big strong heart. And your song? When You’re A Cat You’re A Cat All The Wayyyyy….(I know it’s a Jet but your cats are much more adorable).

  7. I’m glad you have those pictures. And I really liked the lemon fish!

  8. Kitty’s are important for your growth, healing and recovery Ann. Now you also have a Micahel and an Aaron that you didn’t have aged 10. That’s important too! 💕

  9. I love the Jet Song. It makes me feel important.

  10. How delightful to see those early creative messages! You didn’t use photos, but you drew your observations! You were getting ready to blog and you didn’t even know it! I liked “I’ve grown accustomed to your meow.” And “No side story” was pretty clever, too! You did look really strong and happy so soon after your heart surgery and I think keeping these positive images close is a good focus while you wait–all very important. 🙂

  11. I like the Beyoncé number and the news clip. It’s important to keep up with entertainment news. Ha! Will you be getting another cat to help in your surgical recovery? A PET scan if you will?

    • There’s so much in this comment that is important to me! I love the idea of another cat but our two cats would probably become very pet-ulant about that.

  12. Meeting the young you at this time is surely most important

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