Day 1251: Just because

Just because the title of this post is “Just because,” I’m going to share a photo I just took.


Just because my boyfriend Michael’s mother passed away yesterday, our loving neighbor Karen gave him some cookies from Lakota bakery.  Just because Faxy the dog and Michael are great friends, Karen signed Faxy’s name, too.

I took these two photos yesterday, just because.




Just because a tea company tells me so, I’m going to

  • live light,
  • travel light,
  • spread the light,
  • be the light.

Just because I like to explore and share music through this blog, here are some “Just Because” songs.

Just Becauseby Anita Baker:


Just Becauseby Jane’s Addiction:


Just Because by Lloyd Price:


Just Becauseby Elvis Presley:


Just Because by Brenda Lee:


Just Because by Ray Charles:


Just because we’re all mortal, all human beings share one thing in common — we’ll all die, some day.   Just because I like to ask questions, what else do human beings all share, besides our mortality?

Just because I like to answer my own questions, I believe that all human beings share a need to connect. Just because I believe that, I have become a group therapist who blogs every day.

Just because, please let me know your thoughts and feelings about this post.

Thanks to all who helped me create this post and to you, just because.


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38 thoughts on “Day 1251: Just because

  1. My commiserations to Michael

  2. wishing you & loved ones
    love, ease & support.

  3. I am so sorry for Michael’s loss. A very sad time for both of you.

  4. My sympathies to Michael and you.

  5. Hi Ann, I am sad to hear about Michael’s Mom.

    PS. Loved all the musical selections today – why you ask? – just because.

  6. I am sorry to hear Michael’s loss. Spreading the light to Michael and you.

  7. I’m sorry for Michael’s and your loss. It’s a sad thing, and the reason is not “just because” but because none of us is an island. Each loss diminishes us all. But if asked to explain why that is, if asked for proof that each of us is connected, I couldn’t. I can only say I feel it, and that I only know it to be true just because.

    • I can only say I feel very grateful you commented, Chris, and not just because you showed up here on the weekend.

  8. Carol Ferenc

    My sincere sympathy to Michael and you, Ann.

  9. Just because YOU wrote it we love it!

  10. And I am sorry for Michael’s loss..and yours. Just because I don’t know know you personally, I feel sad. Just because.

  11. Hugs to you and Michael, Ann. Just because. ❤️

  12. I’m sorry for Michal’s and your loss, Ann. We do all need to live our life every day- then we will not need so many regrets later.

  13. Debbie Terman

    So sorry to hear about Michael’s mother. 😦

  14. Just because…The photos, the music, the quote about traveling light..this post touched my spirit and made me feel connected to Michael and you. I am sorry for the loss of his Mother. I wish you both peace at this sad time. Lori

  15. Sorry to hear of Michael’s loss. I lost my mom over 20 years ago and it still feels like it happened yesterday. Any loss is difficult but losing your mom is especially hard. It certainly was for me. Sending my love and support to you both.

  16. Just because… there is love here 💕

  17. That’s sad – sorry to hear that even though I don’t ‘know’ you. But maybe that is something we all share in common – sadness at the death of anyone – whoever they are. Thanks you for the music clips – when I was playing the Jane’s Addiction one – it brought my husband rushing into my office yelling, ‘I’ve got that album!’ That’s why I love your posts…just because they are full of little surprises and smiles.

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