Day 1250: Rippling

What ripples does the word “rippling” create in your mind?

This description of rippling, from Irvin Yalom‘s rippling book Staring at the Sun: Overcoming the Terror of Deathhas been rippling for me since I read it last week:

How does that concept of rippling ripple for you?

I wonder what ripples these photos of mine will create?

That last photo is rippling for me, right now, because it reminds me of these lyrics  I might sing tonight at an Open Mic:

They’ve given you a number and taken away your name.

Are those words rippling through your memory? Here’s how they ripple through this song:

I wonder how reactions to this post will ripple through today’s comment section.

Rippling thanks to all those who helped me create this post and to you — of course!  — for all the ripples you are creating in your life.

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26 thoughts on “Day 1250: Rippling

  1. Ripples from you bring joy to so many, Ann!

  2. Your blog….and you life…have already had a rippling effect on the world. When you smile I smile and the world smiles. And that’s a wonderful thing!

  3. Yes, Ann. Our effects go on and on. Ask Jerry’s legion.

    • I was getting ready to post this exact thing when I saw you already did! I am not a particularly spiritual person, and definitely not religious, but this song gets me every time. I want it played at my funeral. One day. A long long long time from now. 🙂

    • I hope my wonderful blogging friends keep rippling here for a long long long time.

  4. Your post reminds me of the raspberry ripple ice cream I used to have as a child by the seashore. Rippling memories by the rippling sea😎

  5. Gene Phillips

    The Grateful Dead song is already posted, so my immediate reply is not available. Let’s go with this one:

    Furu ike ya Old pond
    kawazu tobikomu A frog jumps in
    mizu no oto The sound of the water

    There are many ways to translate this Basho haiku (
    but lets forget all than and visualize the ripples.

  6. At first I thought of rippling thighs and that took me to Chocolate Ripple and then a slug of a Ripple wine to wash it all down. I think I’ll return to the pebble in the pond, the good deed, that might ripple farther than I know…..

  7. This is rippling too much, yet I like it!

  8. I always associate rippling with work. If the first patient is running late the rest of the day follows suit and vice versa. Never fails.

  9. Once while riding boats around a lake with friends I noticed that if I cut across the wake one of them created it would slow me down but also, if I went into it with enough speed, lift me into the air. Ripples provided the opportunity to sail through the air as well as the water.
    Of course it was the lyrics of David Bowie’s “Changes” that came to my mind first, but Yalom’s and your thoughts on ripples create a mental wake that lifted up that other memory in me.

  10. Pugsy Malone haha

  11. The amazing thing about ripples is that we cannot always be aware of them

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