Day 1245: What we choose to see

Yesterday, I chose to see two performances of student-directed one-act plays at my son Aaron’s high school.

I chose to see both those performances because they included Aaron’s latest play (co-written with his  friend Cameron, whom he chooses to see a lot).

Before the performances, I chose to see this:


What do you choose to see in that photo?

I choose to see

  • the new notebook my son had just chosen to write down any comic idea or inspiration he chooses,
  • the  choice yellow Honda Fit I chose last year around this time, and
  • the beauty of those two yellows together.

Soon after I chose to see the beauty there, I chose to see the humor here:


That’s the toy that my downstairs neighbor’s dog chooses to leave around our property.  The first few times I saw that toy I chose to see it as a dead animal. Now that I’m familiar with it, I choose to see it for what it is.

After I chose to see the humor there, I chose to walk to my son’s high school to see the 4 PM and 7 PM performances of the student-directed one-acts.   On the path I chose to walk to the high school,  I chose to see this:




I choose to see things I like.

Here’s more I chose to see yesterday:




I choose, here and now,  to see my amazing son Aaron (with the tie), his creative friend Cameron (in the green), the other talented student directors who chose one-acts by George  Bernard Shaw and other published playwrights, and the wonderful cast of Aaron and Cameron’s original play, “The Great Spa Fire.”

If Aaron chooses to allow it, I’ll post a video of Aaron and Cameron’s play soon.  Then, you can choose whether to see it.

Here’s the last photo I chose to take yesterday, which helped me choose today’s topic.


Somebody  who chose to sit in front of me last night chose to wear a shirt from Cape Ann, a location near where I grew up on the North Shore of Boston.

Soon after I chose to see my name in that guy’s t-shirt,  I heard my name called as the winner in a raffle for two tickets to a play at the Huntington Theater in Boston, which I’ll probably choose to see with my friend Barbara, if she chooses to accompany me.

What we choose to see affects us in so may ways.  For the next few months, I choose to focus in on me …


… as I prepare myself for major new challenges ahead, including

  1. Aaron starting college far from home and
  2. my  having heart surgery —  also  far from home — very soon after I say goodbye to him.

Even though I might not have chosen the timing of those two things, I choose to see hope and opportunity in both of them.

Now, I choose to present this beautiful music, which you can choose to see and hear here on YouTube.


What do you choose to see in today’s post?

I choose to see gratitude towards all those who helped me create this and to you — of course! — no matter what you’re choosing to see today.


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38 thoughts on “Day 1245: What we choose to see

  1. What a great way to begin today! Thanks, Anne, for this invitation to see beauty and humor in the large and especially small things that surround us every day. And for the option of choosing gratitude. I choose to be grateful that I’m alive and still kicking around after (thankfully) getting a pacemaker, and (not so thankfully) falling and breaking my jaw. I also choose to use my fingers to do my talking right now, instead of my wired mouth! 🙂

    • I choose to be very grateful that you’re here, Elouise, and that you’re a fellow pacemaker warrior, like me! I hope you recover from your fall, very very soon. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Thank you, Ann! I have 3 more weeks of wires and pureed food to get through. There’s light at the end of the tunnel, if there’s anything left of me (weight-wise, that is)! Quite an experience. I’m glad the pacemaker came first. I definitely needed her (Lucy, as in I Love Lucy!) to get me through. I’m honored to know you also have a pacemaker! I hope your upcoming heart surgery is as problem-free as possible.

      • I’ve had pacemakers keeping me alive and healthy since 1963, Elouise! I’ve yet to name one, but I love that you have Lucy.

  2. I do not quite like it when I am not aware of what I choose to see. That typically distorts the truth. I choose to see all photos in this post.

  3. I see a beautiful, loving mother with a battle ahead. I see a woman who takes life lightly despite a major health problem that she is now facing. I see a woman whose strength I can’t help but admire. I see a woman who sees everything around her from a unique perspective that I always enjoy being able to see through her eyes. I see a woman who is not afraid to take chances as she navigates her way through life. I would also like to mention that I agree with you Ann, that this post ties in directly with the third quote included in my Quote Challenge post for today 🙂 Awesome post as always!

  4. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  5. I too choose gratitude.

    I am grateful for you and your beautiful heart, irregularities and all, and that it will get the loving care it needs.

    I am grateful for all you choose to share here.

    I am grateful I took the time to see the entire video to Lakme’s duet. — beautiful!

  6. Forgive me Lord, for choosing to see only grumpiness.

  7. I choose to tell you that you have a beautiful son Ann, and I’m glad all is well. Ann, what has Dr. Salem said about the Mayo clinic?

    • I choose to tell you how great it is to see you here, Maria. Dr. Salem says that the choice to have valve replacement surgery at the Mayo Clinic is a very good one.

      • Thank you Ann. So Dr. Salem agrees then. Now these days these operations are more advanced Ann, aren’t they? 💓

      • I choose to see that you are being positive and hopeful, Maria, and so am I!

  8. Hi Ann, I chose to see your blog today, with the beautiful yellow car and photos of your son obviously doing what he loves most. I hope you choose to have a most wonderful day, filled with sights of spring flowers, blue skies and fluffy white clouds.

  9. I choose to see each day–and I think you do too, even when it’s tempting to look too far ahead.

  10. Very wise and insightful.

  11. I chose to laugh upon seeing that dead looking stuffed animal as it reminded me of the days of my dogs. I chose to see a mother who loves her son so much and is always so supportive.

  12. I am going to miss your posts about Aaron and Cameron doing things together. I hope that Cameron has plans for next year that please him. And end of an era for those two.

    • The end of an era … or is it? Aaron and Cameron will be working on a sketch comedy TV show for local access cable all summer. And they may still continue to collaborate via the Internet once they start college. No need to miss them yet.

  13. Ada

    That would be such great news. It’s really about choices, as you said in the blog. Aaron and Cameron choose to continue collaboration and friendship. Thus lucky for us. Which local access cable? CCTV?

    • I chose to look at this blog today and discovered this comment from you, Ada.The sketch comedy show is now appearing on YouTube and should make it to local access in Arlington soon. Here’s the link to “Fear of Laughter” on YouTube:

  14. I choose to see a caring and courageous woman and her talented son about to express himself more fully in Scotland! This is quite a chapter for you both… Even if it isn’t all as you would choose.

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