Day 1239: Favorite words

Do you have any favorite words?

If I look at recent photos from this blog, I’m sure I’ll find some favorite words.







Word to  these words I saw on this greeting card yesterday …


… which inspired the words and pictures in this post.

Any favorite words in the other photos I took yesterday?









Any favorite words in this favorite song by the amazing vocal group Take 6?

I L-O-V-E that.  Did U?

Now, some favorite words to end this wordy post.


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23 thoughts on “Day 1239: Favorite words

  1. I gotta say….there’s a lot of favorites here. 🙂

  2. Love most of these words. ♥

  3. Calling any word, or any group of words, my favorite seems like an insult to all of language. It would be like having an elaborate meal and saying the touch of oregano in the soup was my favorite.
    There are many words here that make me happy and that I enjoy seeing–and hearing, and Take 6 is wonderful to listen to.
    A word I love that makes me happy but that I very rarely see is “xenia”. In ancient Greece xenia were gifts given to traveling strangers. It’s unusual in that very few words start with the letter ‘x’, a letter I think is often neglected, unless it marks the spot, but I wouldn’t call it my favorite letter.

  4. In my writing group, we were supposed to think of our three favorite words and use them all in one short piece. Then I realized: All three of my favorite words are in Spanish!

  5. When Matthew was about 9, I once referred to butter as ‘rancid’. This became a family favourite, and our son, now not far off 50, is occasionally known to use it for anything that is a bit off.

  6. I used to browse through the dictionary for a bit of a read. I love words. Playing scrabble is fun and a challenge, because some words magically come out of nowhere! I like the words Truth and Hope. Have a great day.

  7. Tolkien said the best ever phrase in English was “the cellar door”. In French, the poet Mallarmé chose a line of seventeenth century verse: “La fille de Minos et de Pasiphaë” I do prefer the little dog’s favourite four letter word though!

    • I’m going to open up the cellar door here and ask you what you think the little dog’s favorite four letter word is. Thanks for all the favorite words in this comment.

  8. I love it when politics rise to a crescendo, yes, that is my word.

  9. Those are good words!

  10. In English and in German (my mother tongue) I don’t have any favorite words but in Hebrew there are several really cool sounding expressions… going by the sound not the meaning. As for the meaning- I think HOME would be my favorite. It stands for so much: being protected, safe, free, at ease, genuine, not under pressure…

  11. “Thank you” 🙂

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