Day 1238: Relax

Relax, dear readers.  It’s time for another relaxing installment of The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally.

In all these years of trying to relax into living non-judgmentally, I’ve written only one other blog post with the word “relax” in the title — Day 552:  It’s time to relax. Not surprisingly, I wrote that one previous relaxing post when the New England weather was  relaxingly beautiful and I was with Barbara, my relaxed and relaxing friend.

What helps you relax?  What makes it difficult to relax?

When I’m focusing on the future rather than relaxing into the here and now, it can be difficult for me to relax. It’s difficult for me to relax, right now, because this week I’m flying 1400 miles to the Mayo Clinic  to consult with a new cardiologist  which, for me, is not the ideal way to relax.

Yesterday, I took this photo when I was trying to relax with my boyfriend Michael:


I’m relaxing, now, remembering Michael’s comment: “That’s easy for a rock to say.”

Relax! I’ve got more rocking photos from yesterday.









It’s easier for me to relax at home, especially when I’m listening to relaxing music.

What music would you choose to relax? YouTube recommends “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood and a 15-minute meditation video 

Worried  I’m so relaxed I’d forget to thank all those who helped me create this post and also you for reading it?



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22 thoughts on “Day 1238: Relax

  1. You are welcome. Good luck with the Docs and I have to figure out a way to use the stone photo and Michael’s profound comment.

  2. amy eden

    Good luck with your mayo visit. Hope it’s informative,useful and not overwhelming.

  3. I like the stone photo and Michael’s comment too! On Sunday mornings, I get up to make coffee and then I come back to bed, drink that coffee publish my Sunday post and read other posts like yours Ann. It doesn’t get more relaxing than that! ❤
    Diana xo

  4. I love Michael’s observation! Music and writing bring me peace. I also love settling down to read my favorite blogs. So much beauty and inspiration to be found 💜

  5. I love Michael’s sense of humour.
    Is Aaron wearing a flower from his tux ensemble on his t-shirt?

    • I love Michael’s sense of humor, too. Aaron got to keep the flower from his tux ensemble so, yes, he is wearing it on his t-shirt. I find your powers of observation very relaxing, Maureen.

  6. Hi Ann, I hope all goes with the really smart doctors at Mayo. I am sending relaxing thoughts your way. Thanks for the music selections. I love that song “Relax” – brings back lots of memories.
    Be strong (and relaxed) my friend!!!!!

  7. I hope your trip is positive enough for you to relax on the way back

  8. Ann,
    Good luck on your trip and God’s blessings.
    Do what I do to relax. Read some of your posts.

  9. Hope those things help you relax for your trip to see your doctor. Good luck!

  10. Relax, Grumpy is always around.

  11. hello ann koplow its dennis the vizsla dog hay first frankie say relaks so i try to relaks!!! but then they say dont doo it so i git konfyoozd!!! ennyway nobuddy kan relaks wen my sister saya the mighty is arownd and awayk and she is always awayk!!! ha ha ok bye

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