Day 1236: Your Core

If somebody asked you to write, draw, craft a poem, or otherwise express yourself about “Your Core,” what  would you core-ageously create?

Here are my core creations  from a therapy group last night:



Because confidentiality is a core value of any therapy group, I will not reveal what others expressed about their cores. However, I will tell you that a core member of the group shared this from her core, as we were rounding the last core-ner of the group session:

The universe is more generous and gracious than we think.

That got me, to my core.

In my core, I believe synchronicity is a core force in our generous and gracious universe. Here’s a core photo I coincidentally took two hours before last night’s core group:


Do any of my other photos from yesterday connect to your core?







Music inspires me to the core, so I’ve been singing more, lately, from my core. Tonight, I’ll be joining a core group of 25 singers for  Piano Karaoke. (If you want to get to the core of how Piano Karaoke works, click here.)

Here’s my core list of possible songs for tonight:

Mad World

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Cry Me a River

Blue Bayou

It Had to Be You


Mack the Knife

Lush Life

You Are Too Beautiful

Pretty Women

Michael from Mountains

They Can’t Take That Away from Me


Over the core-se of three hours tonight, I will sing about a half dozen songs from my core. Do you have any core suggestions of which ones I should perform?

Of core-se, I’m going to share some music in this core post. Here’s the tune that’s touching me to the core, here and now:

Watching that YouTube video, I notice even more core synchronicity. Tonight, my  18-year-old son Aaron is giving somebody a prom core-sage. And, he’ll be wearing his first tuxedo, as elegant as Fred Astaire.

Here’s something they can’t take away from me.


I hope, to my core, that my core readers know that gratitude is a core value of this blog.

Many thanks, from my core to yours.

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24 thoughts on “Day 1236: Your Core

  1. I feel gratitude at the core of everything you do. I also feel a strong core like of Ben & Jerry’s…

    Hope that laughter, love, and maybe a few of licks of ice cream too, are at the core of what makes your heart sing today.

    • And I forgot to mention… I had just posted my blog for today before I came over here — and I wrote about my appreciation of what’s at the core of my gratitude in life! Synchronicity at work.

    • The cores of your comments made my heart sing, Louise!

  2. I think part of my core would have to include ‘fear’. Along with some other amazing things. And fear is not necessarily a bad thing, sometimes it can be, other times….it’s a motivator. If I get fearful of something I want to do, try, experience, I can get angry/frustrated at my fear and it actually propels me. Other times, it doesn’t! But sometimes, it does. 😀

  3. Something about all your pictures touches a part of my core–whether it’s my sense of caring, of ownership, of resilience, or empathy–but Ben & Jerry’s ice cream really rocks my core. Karamel Sutra has a caramel core and I can’t buy it because I will eat an entire container in one sitting.
    And that’s bad for my core.

  4. I go for Mack the Knife

  5. God only knows.

  6. Those B & J’s core ice creams are deadly. Love them. Great list, but I think you should get to the core of all your emotions and serve up something from Wham or Abba.

  7. I am a bit out of touch atm but your posts always make me smile and think!

  8. Inspired by the clouds. Up. Up. Up. Love that!

  9. I’d go with the B & J ice cream. Finished a pint of that flavor last week.

  10. Revisiting this blog post, I still like the drawing you made that looks like a self portrait, the amazing ice cream cross-section, and the Beach Boys’ song that you left for me in your reply. I feel grateful for your archives.

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