Day 1234: Travels

As my eye travels over the title, above, I notice that my daily blogging travels have brought us to a particularly interesting number.

1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … Ready for more travels in this post?

The people who included my therapy group in their travels yesterday chose the topic “travels” as the focus of the work of the group. The group traveled to that choice after traveling to many other important issues, including family, being present, depression, anger, comfort, discomfort, comfort foods,  connections, being alone, difficult people, optimism, fear, finances, delays, luck, judgment, letting go of judgment, what we can control, and time.

During the time of that group, my mind traveled to all these places:




I hope you don’t feel lost as I share other photos I’ve taken on my recent travels.











When my boyfriend Michael, my son Aaron, and I traveled to Starbucks last night for coffee and no cookies, my traveling iPhone took these pictures of Aaron with the New York Times:


Because Aaron has never picked up one of those before in his travels, Aaron is asking Michael, “How do you operate a newspaper?”

How about a little traveling music?

At this time next week, I’ll be traveling around  the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, USA, to consult with another cardiologist about my rambin’ and traveling heart. My heart hopes for many more wonderful travels ahead.

Good travels to all who helped me create this traveling post and to you — of course!  — for including this blog in your travels today.

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25 thoughts on “Day 1234: Travels

  1. Travel is good for the soul.

  2. Travel has become so much easier and, I think, less frightening for many because we have GPS devices, we can get instructions from our phones, and there’s so much information available. Sometimes I worry we’ve lost the ability to be lost but then I remember people are creative. If someone wants to get good and lost they’ll find a way.
    Aaron’s confusion regarding a newspaper reminded me of how lost medieval monks must have felt the first time they tried to operate books.

  3. Hi Ann, I have travelled most of my life, but none at all recently. Sometimes on my way to work, when I am on the highway, and the Sierra-Nevadas are on my right as I go North – I just want to keep going, driving and driving, way up into the mountains. But I don’t, because I have to go to work.
    I hope your travels to the Mayo clinic go well next week!!!!

  4. Although I’m not going much of anywhere today, I enjoyed traveling along with you. Navigating a newspaper nowadays is a cool concept. I remember paper boys who came everyday. Good luck in Minnefota. Is it a day late to say, take care?

  5. I can relate to the written notes about travel. I like the excitement and seeing and experiencing new things, but value the safe and familiar. Maybe that’s why I like travelling in my RV. I get to scuttle around like a hermit crab, with my house on my back. Safe travels!

  6. I enjoyed traveling with you through this post as I am not such a traveler myself. Ramblin Man brought back some nice old memories- I enjoyed traveling back in time through the song

  7. I am travelling now and my anxiety mainly relates to the up-in-the-air plane portion of the trip. I like being at home, frankly.

    Is that a real dead animal or a toy dead animal?

    I will think of you on your travels next week.

    • I just looked up the location of the clinic. It is far from you! Wow!

    • Thank you for these down-to-earth and empathic comments, Maureen. And that is not road (or yard) kill — it’s my neighbor’s dog’s toy.

  8. I think nearly everyone likes traveling. I think it is good for you except when your heart wants to do on it own 🙂

  9. May you experience safe travels, following winds smart doctors.

  10. Is Oscar going for the cat bed by your laptop?

    • He is, and he is also traveling to a new cat bed by Michael’s laptop. Tune in tomorrow for a photo of that.

  11. “How do you operate a newspaper?” That’s just hilarious, and probably true! i watch the college students read everything from their phones and I don’t think I’ve ever seen one with a newspaper! I hope that your trip to the Mayo Clinic isn’t too stressful, but of course all the effort is intended to provide the very best medical assistance out there! I do wish you healthy, strong and well. We already know you’re resilient! Your photos always make me smile, Ann.

  12. I’d have to travel somewhere to get the Pat Methany video. Can’t access it in UK. My friend, Tom McGuinness, was part of Manfred Mann who had a hit with 5-4-3-2-1 in the 60s.

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