Day 1232: Did you get it?

Did you get the title of this post?

If you get it, what does it mean to you?

To me, “Did you get it?” means that

  1. Situations can be confusing.
  2. Communication can be challenging.
  3. There are obstacles to complete understanding.
  4. Humor is personal and subjective.
  5. People forget things.
  6. Someone is always trying to sell you something.

Did you get that a photo I get on my iPhone can get me to write a post?


Did you get that photo?

Did you get that my son was in a play by Shakespeare this past weekend?




Did you get that they used lacrosse sticks instead of swords in that production of Henry IV, part 1?

Did you get that I blog every day, so you can get more about that play by reading my last two posts (which you get here and here)?

Did you get it that I get it into my head to share other photos I get on my iPhone, every day?













Did you get it, that

  • mindfulness is good anti-stress therapy,
  • there are hidden treasures everywhere, and
  • ultimately, only you know the secret formula to life?

What did you get out of this post?

Did you get that I’m grateful, here and now?


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32 thoughts on “Day 1232: Did you get it?

  1. Love the baby and the horse!

  2. “If you got it find a doctor and get rid of it” is always good advice. Do I want to get killer breads? It sounds like Davi has answered Shakespeare’s question, “Where is fancy bread?”
    I’m sure you’ll get that joke even though it’s one that works best when spoken.

  3. Is Fancy a horse?

  4. Thank you to you too 🙂

  5. If I were not a cat, I’d be looking up that cute boy named Aaron! Did you get it?

  6. That makes you a cougar, kitty queen, and you’re only a cat!

  7. I got it that I love your blog post today, as I do every day.

  8. Yay Aaron!!! ❤️

  9. Your post today reminded me of my husband and how he’s always making jokes but I often…don’t get them. :-)) Then he has to explain the joke (which takes all the fun out of it.) Poor guy. Anyway, I love how your pictures line up with the theme. Such a neat blog that you have going!

  10. Hi Ann – I got it, I really did!!!!!

  11. How many copies of that wonderful newspaper did you get? Xxx ooo

    • Would you get it, Maureen, if I answered none? I got the kisses and hugs from your comment and I hope you get them when I send them back: Xxx ooo.

  12. Yes, I got it. In my email. Right…..?

  13. Did you get it means do you understand or is your brain asleep or is it all just too hard either way if you don’t get it go back to bed and try again later

  14. I don’t quite get what you see in the tar dribble. Is it that it is a patch?

    • I get interested in the patterns of tar dribbles (although I didn’t get, before now, that they were called that). I liked the way that dribble seemed to grow out of the shadow of my cell phone. I didn’t expect anybody else to get it, but I liked it!

  15. You must be proud to see your son performed and he was on the paper too. Congratulations!

  16. The Advocate got two pics of Aaron

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