Day 1231: Ducky

Yesterday, when I was a ducky Backstage Assistant for the  second performance of the ducky Arlington Children’s Theater (ACT) production of Henry IV, Part 1 (starring my ducky boy, Aaron), one of the ACTors, with the ducky name Racer, showed me these pictures of his ducky collection:



I think it’s about ducky time for  a ducky  definition of “ducky” from ducky Merriam-Webster.

Simple Definition of ducky
: very pleasing, delightful, or attractive

Full Definition of ducky
duckier duckiest
1  darling, cute <a ducky little tearoom>
2  satisfactory, fine <everything is just ducky>

Examples of ducky in a sentence
<if you don’t want to come, that’s just ducky with me>
First Known Use of ducky

Rhymes with ducky
lucky, mucky, plucky, sucky, yucky

It’s interesting to me that most of the words that rhyme with ducky mean the opposite of ducky.

According to your plucky and lucky blogger, the weather yesterday was neither sucky, yucky, nor mucky. It was ducky.



After I took those luckily ducky photos, Aaron picked out a ducky tux for a prom he’s luckily and pluckily attending next week in ducky Arlington Massachusetts.


The experience was especially ducky because Paschal


was duckily attentive, helpful, and kind. Aaron and I thought it was very ducky that Paschal is graduating law school on the same day as Aaron’s prom, next Friday. Paschal thought it  very ducky that Aaron will be lucky enough to be attending a ducky university for four years in non-sucky Edinburgh, Scotland.

One of the most ducky ACTors appearing in that plucky production of Henry IV, Part 1 is Katie, who was one of two ducky Falstaffs.


I was lucky enough to capture Katie pluckily demonstrating her ducky fat suit before last night’s performance. I can’t tell you, for certain, whether everybody in Henry IV, Part 1 was ducky, mucky, sucky, or yucky on stage last night, because I was backstage the entire time. Based on the first night’s performance, though,  I assume everybody was quite ducky.

Before I share the rest of all the ducky, mucky, plucky, sucky, and/or yucky photos I took yesterday, here’s a ducky song.





Does anything in today’s post seem especially  lucky, mucky, plucky, sucky,  yucky, or ducky to you?

Thanks from lucky me to all those who were plucky enough to help me create this ducky post and to you — of course! — for being ducky enough to read it.




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26 thoughts on “Day 1231: Ducky

  1. A very duckily entertaining post dear

  2. …dear Ann. And thanks for teaching me all the meanings of “ducky”. I just thought it meant cute and ducklike.

  3. Finally. Your world seems to be in bloom, after all that weather that only a duck could love. 🌺 🌻 🌹 🌷

  4. Well Aaron looks so ducky in that tux Ann! ❤
    Diana xo

  5. That last duck is awesome.

  6. I love the playful nature of this post 🙂

  7. I’m glad that we’re not the only place on the planet that is just starting to experience the ‘blooming’ of spring. Lovely selection of spring photos today.

  8. Thank you for that ducky flashback to more innocent and happy times!

  9. Carol Ferenc

    Your posts are always ducky, Ann. Never sucky or yucky. You’re lucky to have such a handsome son ~ but then a plucky lady like yourself would have.

  10. Great photos and some education for me.


  11. What to say, what to say, I don’t know what to say, I liked the photos, there are ducks in the creek down the road and when I hear the term Ducky I think of old people and NCIS

  12. Ducky landscapes Ann!

  13. Pingback: Day 1232: Did you get it? | The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

  14. Ada

    Ducky boy, ducky mom, ducky family! What a ducky post!

    Congrats to Aaron, what a fine young man!
    Great job, ducky Mama Ann!

  15. Quite a ducky post…a fun read!

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