Day 1230: Boys and Their Families

This is my boy, Aaron, expressing appreciation for his family:


Aaron’s mother took many pictures of her boy last night as he appeared in a Shakespeare play about a boy and his family, Henry IV, Part 1:



Many members of my boy’s family were there to see my boy perform as the boy prince, Hal.

One member of my boy’s family expressed pride and well wishes for her boy, in the play’s program:


Earlier in the day, somebody at work sent me this, about a boy and his family:


I assume some purr boys and girls with families might now want to sing this song:

Certain boy’s family members like to take photos. Here’s the rest of my family of photos from yesterday:







Since my boy was a little boy, he has spent a lot of time with his  talented “roguish, onion-eyed” friend Cameron, who has a lovely family. Cameron has appeared with Aaron in  previous posts, including Day 833: Be Kind and  Day 1093: What are you eating/What’s eating you.  Here’s Cameron, heavily padded as Falstaff, from last night:


Aaron’s blogging family member now wishes to express her gratitude for all those who helped her create this “Boys and Their Families” post and to all the boys and girls reading this, here and now.

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32 thoughts on “Day 1230: Boys and Their Families

  1. Congratulations to Aaron and all of you. I was only ever once in a Shakespearean play. “Coriolanus”. I think I had three lines and I wave my sword twice. If only I were young again.

  2. Congratulations to your son and his theater company. Oh, BTW, I did sing that cat card 😉

  3. That was wonderful!

  4. Congratulations to the wonderful Aaron with the wonderful mom!

  5. Handsome, clever son presented in a witty blog. Purrfect!

  6. Wow. I mean wow. What a kid, What a mom. Your heart must be bursting with pride/love/joy. I watched my grandson’s last soccer game for the year last night…he’s 5. I sat there a proud grandma, remembering that I watched his coach…my son… playing the same game 28 years ago.And my own heart was bursting with pride/love/joy. We are blessed, you and I…

  7. Wonderful!

  8. Congratulations on the success of the play and your nice illustration of it.

  9. So funny! Did you really pay him to perform? I think you really did buy that ad. 🙂 It is wonderful to see so much love. I have a feeling that Aaron’s high school is not going to be the same without Aaron, Cameron, and the blogging family member.

    Congratulations to Aaron!

    • There’s a payment for registration in the Arlington Children’s Theater — that’s what Aaron is referring to. I thought that was so funny of my son to write that. And I did really buy that ad. It is wonderful to see the love in this comment, Maureen. ❤

  10. wonderful !

  11. How fun! You should be proud!

  12. Wow Shakespeare. Talent!

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  14. Very cool. Aaron looks like he is in his element on-stage.
    I love the kitty-cat thing – that’s funny!!!!
    I especially love the list of insults one can compile to sound like someone in a Shakespearean play – I came up with mewling, ill-nurtured miscreant. I think I will chuck that at the next bad driver that crosses my path.
    Have a purr-fect day!!!!!

  15. Good for him! It’s a tough role.

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