Day 1229: Self ____

How would you — self motivated to read this blog — fill in this self centered blank?

Self  ___

Do you have the self control to fill in that self fulfilling blank, before you read the rest of this self possessed post?

If that is not self sufficient, I self consciously include some self referential guessing music.


Self endowed, now,  with an answer for self ____?

Yesterday, I had the self confidence to facilitate two self started therapy groups.

The first group had the self awareness to self protect with the topic “Self Care.”

The second group had the self esteem to self select the topic “Self Love.”

Here is my most recent self generated photo:


Doesn’t Oscar look self satisfied?

I now have the self preservation to notice that other self generated photos from yesterday could provide self contained captions for Oscar’s self satisfaction.





Want some “Self Esteem” from The Offspring?

Speaking of offpsring, I shall now demonstrate self pride by self proclaiming that my offspring Aaron has a lead role in a Shakespeare play this weekend.

I hope I’m not self deluded, expecting self expressive comments here.

Self caring thanks for reading today!


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26 thoughts on “Day 1229: Self ____

  1. Tell Aaron to “break a leg”.
    And I was thinking self absorbed so I missed out on care and love.
    I’m going to go now and get over my self!

  2. oh that Oscar is just purrfectly perfect. Break a leg to Aaron! so many selfs- the first thing that popped into my mind was self less- I don’t know why but it did

  3. It’s always hard to exhibit self-control when I come here Anne — which is the first word that popped into my mind. – I’m always so excited to see what new wonders you will excite I selfishly leap into the fray before I do anything else. As to ‘self-control’ — I think I’m still feeling the after effects of a mob that exhibited no self-control when meeting about affordable housing in their community.

    Good luck to Aaron! Nothing self-less about celebrating our children!

  4. Is acting a form of self-expression or is it a way to get outside one’s self by becoming another person? Or is it both? Or is there another possibility I’m not considering?
    These are questions I, myself, would like to ask Aaron about his approach to acting and why it appeals to him.
    And I would say Oscar looks like he’s sitting in the catbird seat but can’t stop myself from wondering if there’s such a thing as a catmouse seat.

    • I wasn’t self-possessed enough to ask Aaron these questions yet, Chris, but I will tomorrow, before his second performance. I, myself, feel like I’m sitting in the catbird seat after I read your comments.

  5. Clever. Made me smile. Now I’m self satisfied. 😎

  6. Self less self love is self fulfilling! And your self sharing self should be self ful! (how many of those are real words?)

  7. As a former cryptic crossword setter, I’m stuck on the necessity for – – – – to require a four letter word, but I can’t think of one

  8. Carol Ferenc

    It has to be self care, Ann. If we don’t do that first, nothing will matter. Congrats to Aaron on his role and to Oscar for guarding his prize!

  9. Ann,
    I’ve never found you to be anything other than self-less. In that you encourage so many to self-confidence.
    Good luck to Aaron, the thespian.

  10. My first thought was self-taught Ann. I have learned most of what I know through the experience of trying to do it.. ❤
    Diana xo

  11. Self aware! I love Oscar’s mouse.

  12. self-responsible … (is there such a word) is what I think of for me, and after that I try to be self-inspiring to inspire myself and others … which you have done for me 🙂

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