Day 1227: No answers

Yesterday, I asked this question at the end of my daily blog post:

I noticed at least two (uh oh, THREE) mistakes in this post after I published it. Can you spot them?

And there were no answers.

Today, I looked all the photos I had taken after I finished writing yesterday’s post and wondered:

What is the common theme here?

And there were no answers.

Does somebody out there have any answers for me?

Photo on 5-10-16 at 7.14 PM




Are there any answers in my blog post today?

Maybe this one: If you don’t know the answers, you can always ask.

Even when there are no answers, there’s always gratitude.  Thanks to all who helped me create this post and to you — of course! — no matter what answers you have.

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25 thoughts on “Day 1227: No answers

  1. your teabag has a good answer Ann. Have a good day!

  2. Maybe the answer….We “wold” have mentioned the errors in your Uh Oh post, Ann, but they were “two” small to really matter. Our brains read right on past them. ☺☺☺

    • How about the number in the title, Van? That was really big (or too small, actually). Thanks for a wonderful answer!

  3. I have no answers but I discovered some questions. I like questions!

  4. December doesn’t start tomorrow, your appointment is in May, you might capitalize a word that currently isn’t and you have a period that is outside a bracket, although perhaps it does want to be there…. I’m not sure as I can’t see that post at the moment. Speaking of yesterday, of course.

    By comparison, yesterday I convinced two other people to get off at the wrong Metro stop and we ended up walking an extra twenty minutes; I spilled my tea on the tablecloth and my pants; I destroyed $9.50 worth of Metro fare by using a machine improperly; I turned a shower on incorrectly and sprayed myself with cold water and then could not figure out how to make it work at all; I said the wrong thing and made somebody sad; and I screamed very loudly in a quiet church.

    Of course, those might not have been the mistakes you hoped we would find or even mistakes at all. And May may very well feel like December to your inner poet. So the only mistake is that there may be no mistakes at all.

  5. That reminds me of Rita Rudner who sometimes ended her performances by asking, “Any questions? Any answers?” And then after pausing, “Anyone care for a mint?”
    As far as I know no one ever took her up on the offer. I can’t think why. Owning a mint would be an ideal way to make money.

  6. I almost always find a typo immediately after I post a blog!

    • Me, too, Emilie, but I usually correct them. Yesterday, I decided my usual routine wasn’t the right answer.

  7. Oh Ann, we saw your typos. Still, we were reading for the essence. Today? Well, I see charm, and imperfection, and I love the crazy piece of art with the Statue of Liberty in it!! Write on!

  8. I have no answers. I am not good at finding errors 🙂

  9. Mistakes you say I saw no mistakes even though I went over the post twice so couldn’t have been big mistakes just saying

    • You went over the post two times you say? I always appreciate the time you spend here, Joanne; now I’m doubly grateful.

  10. I like the NYC picture.

  11. The man who trained me was nicknamed ‘God’ by the students. ‘I am not the god of answers’, he said ‘but I am the god of questions’.

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