Day 1216: Uh oh


maybe some people reading this don’t know what “Uh oh” means.


I’ve found several definitions of “Uh oh” on the internet.

ˈə ˌō/
used to express alarm, dismay, or realization of a difficulty.
““Uh-oh! Take cover!””
synonyms: yikes, oh dear, cripes, mercy, holy moly, alas, dear me, ‘oh me, oh my’, whoops
“uh-oh, the cat got out!”
interjection \ˈə-ˌō, usually with strong glottal stops before the vowels\
Popularity: Bottom 10% of words
Simple Definition of uh–oh
—used when you realize that you are in a bad situation, that you have made a mistake, etc.
Full Definition of uh–oh
—used to indicate dismay or concern
First Known Use of uh–oh
Rhymes with uh–oh
aglow, ago, airflow, airglow, air show, alow, although, archfoe, argot, a throw, backflow, backhoe, bandeau, Baotou, barlow, bateau, below, bestow, big toe, bon mot, bravo, by-blow, cachepot, callow, caló, Carlow, cash flow, chapeau, Chi-Rho, cockcrow, Cocteau, cornrow, corn snow, crossbow, Cousteau, Darrow, Day-Glo, dayglow, death row, Defoe, de trop, deathblow, deco, down-bow, dumb show, elbow, escrow, fencerow, flambeau, floor show, flyblow, fogbow, forego, foreknow, forgo, freak show, free throw, Freneau, Fuzhou, galop, game show, genro, gigot, Glencoe, go-slow, Gounod, Guangzhou, gung ho, guyot, Hadow, Hangzhou, Hankow, Harrow, heave-ho, hedgerow, heigh-ho, hello, hollo, horse show, ice floe, ice show, inflow, in tow, Io, jabot, jambeau, Jane Doe, jim crow, Jinzhou, Joe Blow, Jiaozhou, John Doe, Juneau, Hounslow, kayo, KO, Lanzhou, lie low, light show, longbow, low blow, Luchow, macho, mahoe, maillot, mallow, manteau, Marlowe, Marot, marrow, matelot, merlot, Meursault, minnow, Miró, misknow, Moho, mojo, morceau, morrow, Moscow, mucro, mudflow, Murrow, nightglow, no-no, no-show, nouveau, oboe, outflow, outgo, outgrow, oxbow, peep show, Pernod, picot, plateau, pronto, Quanzhou, quiz show, rainbow, Rameau, red snow, reflow, regrow, repo, reseau, road show, rondeau, rondo, roscoe, Roseau, rouleau, sabot, Saint-Lô, salchow, scarecrow, self-sow, serow, shadblow, Shantou, sideshow, skid row, ski tow, Soho, so-so, sound bow, sourdough, stone’s throw, sunbow, Suzhou, tableau, Taizhou, talk show, tiptoe, Thoreau, tone row, tonneau, trade show, trousseau, Trudeau, unsew, up-bow, upthrow, van Gogh, wallow, Wenzhou, Wicklow, widow, willow, windrow, windthrow, winnow, Winslow, Wuzhou, Xuzhou, Yalow, yarrow, Zhangzhou, Zhengzhou, Zibo
I didn’t give credit for where I found those two definitions.
I don’t know where the first definition came from, but you can find the second definition here.
I’m feeling insecure about
  • how repetitive my posts are,
  • including links in these posts, and
  • several other things, this morning.



I wold have hoped as a psychotherapist and a life-long learner, I would never feel insecure again at this point in my long life.


I guess that was an unrealistic hope and expectation.


I assume you’ve had enough, already, with that same photo, so here are all the other photos I took yesterday, as I returned to work after a one-week vacation:




I think some of those photos are two small to see and need explanation.


I’m only going to enlarge and explain this photo:


which was in another person’s office, not mine.


I don’t know what music to include in today’s post, if any.



I forgot to invite you to leave a comment.  As I sometimes tell people in my therapy groups, feel free to share any thoughts or feelings, to write a poem, or to do an interpretative dance. There’s really no right or wrong way to express yourself here.


it’s time for me to get ready for work!

Thanks to all who helped me create this post and to you — of course! — for reading it.


I noticed at least two (uh oh, THREE) mistakes in this post after I published it. Can you spot them?

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32 thoughts on “Day 1216: Uh oh

  1. Insecurity? Welcome to the human condition, girl.

    Remember, if you are a baseball player, you can strike out 60% of the time and still make millions. As a blogger, the pay is a little less, but no one (especially other frequest bloggers) expect a home run every time at bat. Just keep swinging.

  2. I can’t explain why but I felt a response in the style of Ogden Nash was called for, although now I feel insecure about not being able to explain why I felt that way.

    Insecurity is like acne: at its worst when we need it least,
    But it still pops up unexpectedly throughout our life.
    We can be impeccably decked, our hair coiffed and our pants creased,
    And still be filled with interior strife.
    And even the most grizzled and avuncular
    Will occasionally be stricken by lesions carbuncular.
    Why can we never be happy with ourselves as we are?
    And why must we pop that pustule when we know it’ll leave a scar?
    They’re afflictions we associate with adolescence
    And yet they drag on all through senescence.
    Insecurity and acne hound us as life’s trails we wend,
    Like a poem whose writer can’t figure out how to end.

    • well, that’s a good spurruvv the moment(um) pome, Mr. Chris !

    • Uh oh! Is this the coolest poem ever?

      • I’m not secure enough to say it’s the best,
        But I thank you for being so gracious.
        And hopefully those who read it will feel blessed,
        Especially if they’re already feeling sebaceous.

      • Oscar, Harley, and I don’t want to be catty,
        But do most people know sebaceous means oily or fatty?

  3. Haha! — “I wold have hoped as a psychotherapist and a life-long learner, I would never feel insecure again at this point in my long life.”

    We’re never too old to feel insecure! 🙂 Because we’re never too old to grow wiser!

    I just came through a big bout of it myself. Rather humbling! And, — it was filled with learning!

    So no Uh Oh needed. Just a lot of AH HA!

  4. Ruh, Roh !

  5. If a child says uh oh, you know it’s involving clean up and if a bomb technician says uh oh you’d better run!

  6. Uh oh! The definition says first use was 1971. Somehow, I think someone is saying uh oh, maybe it was 1871~

  7. agree w/ elyse, mostly ’cause I was (supposedly) an adult in 1971 and uh-oh was pretty well established already.
    most “uh-Oh”-y post ever !

  8. I came read and liked and now I leave because I am getting ready to leave and go have an injection

  9. I am not sure I like to hear that expression 🙂

  10. Uh-oh, here comes the human condition, towing its psyche along. There’s a certain comfort in numbers, though!

  11. But they did miss you, right?

  12. Hang in there

  13. Pingback: Day 1227: No answers | The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

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