Day 1222: Be proud of who you are

Yesterday —  on another cold and rainy May stay-cation day — I saw my old friend Ada. We shared many memories, hopes,  and a cup of tea.


Be proud of who you are, even if

  • you forget to take a picture of your fabulous friend Ada,
  • you fall asleep before answering all the comments on your blog,
  • the universe conspires to give you miserable weather throughout your long-awaited May stay-cation,
  • you make mistakes every day,
  • your memory and your endurance fade as you age,
  • you go for walks when other people have the good sense to stay inside,
  • you dance and sing out loud in public,
  • you sometimes forget the words,
  • you let your childhood piano go untuned for over 15 years,
  • you’re living with a guy who collects snow globes,
  • you haven’t done any of the cooking, cleaning, or laundry since that snow-globe-collecting guy moved in,
  • you make messes,
  • you have trouble making some decisions,
  • you get impatient sometimes,
  • you show and express all your feelings, including fear, anger, sadness, and joy, and
  • you can’t always explain why you snap and share the photos you do.




I’m proud of who I was yesterday, dancing  and singing out loud to this:

Be proud of who you are, no matter how you respond to this post.

Proud thanks to all who help me blog every day and to you — of course! — for being proud of who you are (I hope).

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22 thoughts on “Day 1222: Be proud of who you are

  1. I’m very proud of you for the photos you take, Ann. You offer us a great “slice of life” that is so enjoyable. It makes perfect sense to me why you “snap and share”. ❤️

  2. I’m very proud of myself for knowing wonderful people when I ‘meet’ them. Even if I haven’t met them, but I know them. If you know what I mean. 😀

  3. There’s a note pinned to my office wall: “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.” That line from Oscar Wilde is always there to remind me to be proud of myself, but it’s easy to forget it’s there. Taking time to have a cup of tea is a good opportunity to look around.

  4. I’m proud of being imperfectly human 💛

  5. What a pick me up post on this very dreary day here- I love those goslings, I love your outdoor photos, and you should be proud of yourself for putting a positive spin on a less than perfect weather week for a staycation! 😀

  6. Maureen

    The world would be a better place if everybody had a snow globe-collecting guy, wouldn’t it? 🙂

  7. I’m proud of you Ann!

  8. Quentin Crisp once said there was no point in dusting because after a while it didn’t get any deeper. And just think what the snow-globe-collecting-guy could do with all those flakes of dried skin 🙂

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  10. Leturos

    “Dance and sing out in public”, I wish I had the energy and the … I was thinking about something … Oh, I can’t dance. Just remembered that – not related at all. 😉 (waiting for 1234) then 1331. How bout them Sox? I’m thinking pb&j. She must be tired – asleep on the couch only 1/2 hour after rising – WAKE UP TIME!!!

  11. Ann, long ago I ago I used to walk with a friend (what I think is) that same trail along the Charles in Watertown. I lived in Newt.Crnr. and she in Wtrtown. Small world. 🙂

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