Day 1216: So what if …?

One of the stress-relieving “antidotes” I give people in therapy is this:

The So What? Technique. Consider that an anxiety-producing possibility (even the worst case scenario) might not be as bad as you fear. For example, “So what if this one person doesn’t like me? Not everybody is going to like me.” or “So what if I lose my cell phone? It’ll be an incredible hassle, but I’ll be able to deal with it.”

So what if …

  1. I’ve already blogged about this technique before, over a thousand days ago?
  2. I confuse the link icon with the quote icon on WordPress all the time?
  3. I considered many different topics for today’s post before I settled on this one and one of those other topics might have made a “better” blog post?
  4. “Better” and “worse” are relative and subjective?
  5. My patients have to do without me for one week while I’m on vacation?
  6. We can’t  please everybody all the time?
  7. Nobody’s perfect?
  8. It’s difficult to balance other people’s needs with our own needs?
  9. I dropped my iPhone this week and the glass is now a little cracked?
  10. Somebody tried to log into my Facebook account from India yesterday?
  11. I probably won’t get a call back when I audition for “The Voice” for the second time, in June?
  12. I might make some mistakes when I sing at an Open Mic next Friday?
  13. My son is going far away from home to the University of Edinburgh this year?
  14. Something always needs repairing and around here, it’s usually one of the two toilets?
  15. I can’t say “yes” to every social invitation?
  16. People are inevitably going to hurt other people’s feelings, some times?
  17. Not everybody is going to feel the same way about us that we feel about them?
  18. The flowering trees in the Boston area might not be as spectacular this spring, because of the April snow?
  19. One of our cats sticks to me like glue and the other one runs away from me?
  20. My cardiologist says I can’t ride mopeds or scooters any more?
  21. My son can’t attend the annual Sheepshearing Festival in Waltham, Massachusetts today with me and my boyfriend because he’s doing a run-through of another play he wrote with his friend Cameron?
  22. This list is so long that people might be skimming it, at this point?
  23. I keep adding to this list even after I published this post?
  24. These are the only pictures I have to share with you today?





So what if you can’t choose a favorite picture there?

So what if you don’t like this tune, which I LOVE?

So what if I never locate a copy of the Berklee College of Music recruitment video I helped create in the 1990s, which used that tune in the opening?

So what if people don’t leave a lot of comments about this post?

So what if I need to write another blog post approximately  24 hours after I publish this one? I love doing this, every day. Thank you for being a part of it, here and now.


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27 thoughts on “Day 1216: So what if …?

  1. so what if this is amazing advice? so what if i love that miles davis song? yeah, that’s what!

  2. There is nothing “So what?’ About your blog, to me, Ann.

  3. Good technique.. I like all of those.

  4. Loving this. Thank you for writing it out loud!!!

  5. Awesome post!

  6. So what if before even reading your post the title made me think of this song?

    ❤ Diana xo

  7. So what if I was dreaming last night?
    So what if there are phony angels?
    So what if I was high on catnip?

  8. I love so what!! It really is a breakthrough in our spiritual journey when we can say ” so what?” to the nonsense that plagues our world. We have to be willing to sway with the breeze.

  9. So what if you’ve already liked this: Others may like to see we have a similar liking for this classic.That’s what’s what

  10. Anyone ever tell you you are brilliant? So what if they didn’t. I am. You are. 🙂

  11. Debbie Terman

    “You are only as happy as your least happy kid.” Yes, definitely.

    And I could add a personal “so what” from this morning: so what if we have dozens of boxes, bins, drawers, and cabinets of stuff we haven’t used in 30 years that we really need to go through and purge what we don’t use anymore, or have never used — instead of stressing about needing to do it.

  12. Just loved the picture of the van and motor-bike!

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