Day 1213: Intent

Yesterday, my intent was to write about “Purpose.”

Today, my purpose is to write about “Intent.”

Where did this purposeful intent come from? From a discussion, yesterday, in a therapy session.


It was my intent to  suggest, there, that people ask that intentional question when somebody has said something confusing, confounding, or hurtful.

Here are all the other photos I took yesterday, with intent.



Can you guess my intent in taking any of those photos?  I hope the intent of this post tells you that you can always intentionally ask.

What music do I intend to include here?

I am intentionally inspired by my own photos to include this

… and this:

Is it your intent to leave a comment today?

It is my intent to thank all who helped me create this post and you — of course! — no matter what your intent for visiting here and now.

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18 thoughts on “Day 1213: Intent

  1. My intent was to read your post, thanks.

  2. Because I can’t stay away 😄

  3. My intent us to make use of this advice today. Thank you.

  4. Literary and artistic criticism always causes me to wonder what an author’s or artist’s intent was and discussions I’ve had over whether we can tell what it was and whether it matters. And it’s a tricky question, especially when many–going at least as far back as ancient Greece–say they feel like a mere conduit for something external. Homer and Ovid, among others, had their muses, and Socrates had his “daemon” who he said would tell him the right thing to do. And more recently Baudelaire said he had a daemon too who made him do the wrong thing.
    I think I may be similarly afflicted because I have no idea what my intent is in bringing this up.

  5. Having read your post, my intent is always to make a comment that I trust will be purposeful

  6. Carol Ferenc

    My life has been a whirlwind lately but I intend to slow down and get back to blogging, Ann. Love the music picks.

  7. My in-tent is to sleep it off!

  8. This post has good intent!

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