Day 1212: Purpose

On purpose, I took this photo yesterday:


What are your first associations with the word “Purpose”?

When I take photos, it’s more intuitive than purposeful. But I purposely have faith that each of the photos will serve a purpose in this blog.


One of my co-workers sent me those, on purpose, through the office mail. I think her purpose was to amuse me and to connect with our mutual love of cats and experience of the local weather.



I purposefully took that picture of my co-worker Megan’s white board.  Megan wrote that with the purpose of helping people improve their self-care.

I took those two photos with the purpose of documenting that THERE WERE NO MATZO BALLS in the hospital’s Matzo Ball soup when Megan and I went to lunch.



I purposely took that photo of a Mongolian Lamb Stool because:

  1. I’d never seen anything like that before,
  2. We’re going to the Sheep Festival this Saturday,
  3. I believed some of my readers might like it, and
  4. I thought it was funny.

On purpose, I just linked that last line to an old blog post, because that finally answers a question I posed two years ago, which nobody here ever guessed. Sometimes it takes a while to fulfill a purpose.


My purpose in taking that photo was that I believe we’re here to help each other, for free.


My purpose in taking and sharing that photo is that I like to  celebrate communities everywhere.

My purpose in taking those photos is to share some things I love seeing these days.


My purpose in taking that last photo of the day was to show that

  • things can happen — on purpose or not — to slow us down or even stop us for a while and
  • with purpose, we can overcome obstacles, especially with help from others.

I hope this post isn’t falling flat, because that is neither my intent nor my purpose.

On purpose, I now show this photo again


to purposefully introduce some music I was singing yesterday:

I’ve been including music by Prince in this blog lately, on purpose.

While it’s not my purpose to write this blog to elicit comments, I hope you express yourself purposefully in the comment section, below.

Purposeful thank to all who helped me create today’s post and to you — of course! — no matter what your purpose is for joining me here and now.



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32 thoughts on “Day 1212: Purpose

  1. Great post and lovely shot of the cat

  2. So this guy works at an aquarium and his boss comes to him very upset. “The dolphins are mating!” she cries. “We’ve got several busloads of kindergartners coming and we can’t let them see marine mammal porn! The only thing that acts as an anti-aphrodisiac on dolphins is the sound of baby seagulls. Run to the beach and get some.” The guy starts to leave when his boss adds, “But be careful. A lion escaped from the zoo. It was hit with a tranquilizer dart but may still be dangerous.”
    The guy runs to the beach and gets some baby seagulls. He cuts through an alley on his way back and finds the lion right in his way. It appears to be sound asleep though so he carefully steps over it.
    He’s immediately arrested.
    “What did I do?” he asks.
    The officer replies, “Transporting young gulls across a sedate lion for immoral porpoises.”

    I believe it’s my purpose in life to tell jokes like that.

  3. amusez798387

    Love the idea of an emergency self care list. I am going to start one now: gardening, reading, phone calls to loved ones, volunteer work, and spending time with friends.

    • You’re on my emergency self care list, Mary! And that list was written on the white board in your old office.

  4. Okay. So can I just say, that photo of the cat tree — rare indeed! Love it!

    I always think of your purpose as shining light on life’s beauty in all its quirky, deep, complex and unusual facets so that everyone comes away feeling inspired to live their best.

    I purposefully stopped here this morning to get a big dose of your purpose!

  5. I am in awe of Boston, because you can find Matzoh ball soup in the hospital cafeteria. Even though the matzoh is more conceptual than chewable, its mere presence in the menu is amazing. Where I live, matzoh ball soup can be found only by .making the soup and the matzoh balls yourself. It is definitely the soup of slavery, not freedom.

    I liked what you wrote about purpose. I am trying to overcome some obstacles this week, with purpose.

  6. My first association with the word purpose is “purpose of life”, which for me is simply existence itself.
    Life is the purpose of life.
    In addition, of course, everyone finds his/her own individual reasons for going on and on and on…

  7. My grandmother made matzo ball soup with the purpose of staying traditional. Homemade chicken stock. Thick slices of carrot. Matzo balls. That’s it my friend. No bits of green stuff, no baby carrots, no potatoes. Clear, clear soup. And because when I was little I didn’t totally love carrots she purposely left them out of my bowl of soup. This from the same woman who purposely went through bags of frozen mixed vegetables removing lima beans so as not to offend my delicate palate. That’s what you call a Jewish Grandmother!! Even without kids, it’s my purpose to emulate her heart.

  8. That’s right, I put that cat there on that tree on purr-poised because we all need shade for the summer!

  9. Ann, Your post didn’t fall flat. Simply because every photo of purpose showed worth. The only things that lack worth are those that lack purpose. However, that may be impossible. For even a mosquito has purpose in as much as it is annoying.

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  11. Many purposeful things in this post and that is a good thing.

  12. Love the flip flop on the skate blade. My purpose is to get through the cold spring to summer. Then I’ll get another purpose!

  13. I’m still wondering about the purpose of the Mongolian lamb stool … Apart from being a talking point of course!
    I hope your day continued to unfold with a sense of purpose and ease. 💛

  14. Some days I feel my life has no purpose, I know it does but at times I don’t know what it is

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