Day 1209: Unexpected

I just had this unexpected exchange with my boyfriend Michael:

Me: Have there  been any other unexpected deaths, Michael?

Michael:  No, Ann. It looks like everybody on the planet survived the night.

Me:  That can’t be true.

Michael: Almost.

Everybody on this planet surviving any night is certainly unexpected.

I think my question this morning to Michael probably wasn’t unexpected by him, because we  spent some time last night talking, processing, and trying to make meaning of the unexpected deaths  of Prince and Patton Oswalt’s wife, Michelle McNamara.

Because of the number of unexpected celebrity deaths since January 1, people are already describing 2016 as a particularly horrible year. I guess that’s not unexpected.

I wonder if the content of this post, so far, is unexpected.  People celebrating Passover might be expecting some mention about that.

Because I write these blog posts so spontaneously, it’s unexpected where any of them will begin and end up.

I suppose it’s not unexpected that I would  now share some photos I took yesterday.  I expect some of them might fit the  unexpected topic of this post. If none of them do, that would be unexpected and unprecedented.


















Those last two unexpected items are:

  1. the orange cup that my son Aaron has used at my cousin Lani’s Passover Seder for many years and
  2. an unexpected gefilte fish.

I suppose some music isn’t unexpected here, either.  I expect that any Prince music I include might unexpectedly disappear from this blog in the future.  However, it would be unexpected if nobody appreciated this performance, for now:


Any comment from you, whether unexpected or expected, would be most appreciated.

I shall end, now, with expected and sincere gratitude from me to you for visiting here,  before I  go out and party like it’s 2016.


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44 thoughts on “Day 1209: Unexpected

  1. What is unexpected is this; I had my ears tested a week ago and my hearing is perfect, but I just can’t understand half of the lyrics of that song. The rhythm is great, and so is the dancing but I just can’t hear the words.

    • I was dreamin’ when I wrote this
      Forgive me if it goes astray
      But when I woke up this mornin’
      Coulda sworn it was judgment day
      The sky was all purple,
      There were people runnin’ everywhere
      Tryin’ 2 run from the destruction,
      U know I didn’t even care

      ‘Cuz they say two thousand zero zero party over,
      Oops out of time
      So tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 1999

      I was dreamin’ when I wrote this
      So sue me if I go 2 fast
      But life is just a party, and parties weren’t meant 2 last
      War is all around us, my mind says prepare 2 fight
      So if I gotta die I’m gonna listen 2 my body tonight

      Yeah, they say two thousand zero zero party over,
      Oops out of time
      So tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 1999

      If U didn’t come 2 party,
      Don’t bother knockin’ on my door
      I got a lion in my pocket,
      And baby he’s ready 2 roar
      Everybody’s got a bomb,
      We could all die any day
      But before I’ll let that happen,
      I’ll dance my life away

      Oh, they say two thousand zero zero party over,
      Oops out of time
      So tonight I’m gonna (party like it’s 1999)

      Say it 1 more time
      Two thousand zero zero party over oops,
      Out of time
      No, no (Tonight I’m gonna)
      So tonight we gonna (party like it’s 1999)
      We gonna, oww

      Yeah, 1999 (1999)
      Don’tcha wanna go (1999)
      Don’tcha wanna go (1999)
      We could all die any day (1999)

  2. Prince and I were the same age. As I am not musically talented, rich or successful, that is where the similarity ends. I am, however, still here for the moment and am content with that. It is always unexpected when someone my age dies.

  3. A good motto to live by, Expect the Unexpected. You never know what’s round the corner. Some unexpected and significant losses this year.

  4. Life has always been uncertain and I think with so many celebrity deaths over recent months it reminds all of us that we do have an expiration date but it’s also a reminder that while we are still here to make the most of every moment. Thank you for this unexpected post 🙂 Have a nice weekend Ann!

  5. Most expected lyric…”But life is just a party, and parties weren’t meant 2 last”. 💔

  6. Thanks Ann for this unexpected opportunity to listen to one of Prince’s great hits.
    On the other hand, very much expected (and appreciated cause I can’t stand them) was that we didn’t have gefillte fish yesterday evening at the seder evening, which we held at the family (with Persian roots) of my boyfriend’s sister’s husband…

  7. Hi Ann, I know this might be a bit unexpected, having a visit from me. I have been in the midst of a blogging challenge, working, living, laundry. It is an unexpected surprise that I find I have time to come visit my friend, Ann’s, post. Hope all is well with you!!!!!

  8. Lots of the unexpected here today Ann!! 💛

  9. I’d barely gotten over David Bowie and Alan Rickman, when this happened. Prince too? Totally unexpected and very sad. They were all geniuses in their own way.

  10. Next year in Edinburgh!

  11. Unexpected gefilte fish is always welcome.

  12. Hi, I like the general quirkiness of this post, I think Prince would have approved!

  13. There seems to be more unexpected deaths this year because the Baby Boomer generation is starting to get OLD. And we tend to notice the deaths of those “our age” a lot more than someone 30 years older than us. I’m beginning to think, “There, but for the grace of God, go I..”

    • It’s not unexpected that we would have similar thoughts, Claudia.

      • Maybe we’re different sisters from different mothers twice removed on our great grandfather’s nanny’s side!

  14. The unexpected is not always a bad thing. In my case, it has shifted my life into a path full of unexpected possibilities.

  15. Ann,
    As you party, expect to have a good time. If you don’t, that would truly be unexpected.

  16. It was totally unexpected that you would follow my blog, but I appreciate it. It was unexpected that you, too, would be so affected by the unexpected deaths of so many celebrities in 2016 so far. Add to those celebrities’ deaths some local folks in my little town of less than 1000 Montana folks, and you’ll know I was deeply touched, too. And 3 of the 4 were related to pneumonia, and I am suffering residual effects of that same virus/bacteria right now! Write about what you know, they say. Yup, touched by death and grief. I know the emotion. You brought it home. Thank you (I think) 😢

    • Would it be unexpected if I tell you that exactly two years ago I had pneumonia, which kept me out of work for about six weeks? I expect we will discover we have more things in common. I am expectedly grateful that are paths have crossed here. Many thanks for the comment.

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