Day 1206: What is your style?

My style is to notice what’s going on around me, and I notice that “style” usually  refers to external appearances, including clothes people wear and how they wear them.

As a group and individual psychotherapist, I often use the word “style” about people’s internal processes, including their typical  ways of

  • communicating,
  • learning,
  • decision making, and
  • other reflections of the way they think, feel, and experience the world.

Because my blogging style includes checking to see whether I’ve explored a topic before, I’ve now discovered two other stylin’ posts, here and here.  Because I tend to prefer a modest style, I will not brag about the content of those previous posts, but rather humbly suggest that you might find some merit in them.

I think it’s helpful to recognize and own your personal style, in order to understand inevitable differences between that style and other people’s styles.  Therefore, I will attempt to list other aspects of my natural style:

  • spontaneous
  • direct
  • honest
  • inclusive
  • anxious
  • curious
  • sensitive
  • inquisitive
  • shy
  • creative
  • random
  • intuitive
  • impatient

I include “impatient” because I’m impatient and eager to move on from styling that list.

If creating lists is your natural style, what list might you create about your natural style?

I got a lot of compliments on my fashion  style as I shared 45 seconds of musical stylings during an audition for “The Voice” in Philadelphia, two months ago:


I’m likely to show a very different style when I try, try again in another Open Audition for “The Voice” on June 18, in New York City.

Because my style is to pack a lot into every blog post, I would also like to include a story about different styles, from yesterday.

When I walk to work every morning, I pass by this stylish yellow moped:



The more I look at that, the more I am convinced that is the very same moped I owned for several decades. Yes, it used to be my style to commute on a yellow moped during the 1970s and 1980s.   When we moved to our current  stylish residence about five years ago, I gave that moped to one of the movers, because I knew it was no longer my style to ride it.

Yesterday morning, I decided to investigate further and to find out who has been styling around Boston on my beloved yellow moped. I walked into the construction site  next to where that styling moped is parked.

Allow me to style the resulting dialog, as follows:

Me (to burly construction worker):  Hi!  I was looking for the owner of that yellow moped parked outside.

Construction worker: I doubt it’s any of my guys, but I’ll check.  HEY!  YELLOW MOPED?

Other construction worker (immediately):  Yep.  That’s mine.

Me (thrilled):  Really?

Construction worker:  NO!

As is my style, I then laughed out loud, realizing that a yellow moped does NOT fit the style of most Boston construction workers.

Here are all the stylish photos I took yesterday:




I hope your natural style includes expressing yourself in a comment below.

Thanks to all who have their own natural styles, including you!


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24 thoughts on “Day 1206: What is your style?

  1. I love your style Ann! Both fashion wise and blogging wise! That picture of you is FABULOUS!! 🙂

  2. I love your style Ann. You’re beautiful. ❤
    Diana xo

  3. I’ve forgotten 🙂

  4. My style differs from day to day. I would have to agree with your list!

  5. Love your outfit! I don’t fit into any one category — maybe being older I’m more BoHo Chic/still-semi-conservative/nothing-that-brings-eyes-to-my-breasts/swingy/free/still like blacks-kinda gal!

  6. I consider my blog what you call the “flip” side of this one. It’s objective information, although I include some personal anecdotes, the objective is not to do so. My personal experiences in the blog are only related to the experience with the equipment. My poems however are very emotional though. My style is very predictable.

  7. Carol Ferenc

    So glad you’re trying out for The Voice again, Ann. Your style is a winning one!

  8. I think my style is a lack of style. Thank you for your stylish post.

  9. I like your style, mine would be laid back yeah that sounds like me laid back go with the flow

  10. I think I like those styles you have.

  11. My style is to think long and hard about my comments which means sometimes I realize I have wasted time; my style is to say something positive; my style is to give advice even if I am not asked; my style is to ignore people in the market because I don’t know them, but today I decided to try and change this style by talking with a lady in the funny birthday card section; according to my brother my style is to be honest to a fault;my style is to always be comfortable with what I look like before I go out. Stylin’ and profilin’! I like your jacket.

  12. Hhmmm … must get a new handbag to keep up with my style. 😉

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