Day 1202: Share how you see the world

For over twelve hundred consecutive days, I’ve shared how I see the world, with the world, here on WordPress.

This has changed how I see the world, as I shall now share:

  • I have more trust in my writing ability.
  • I have more faith in other people.
  • I have more confidence that I have valuable thoughts and feelings to share.
  • I’ve learned how people all over the world see the world.
  • Everywhere I go in the world, I see things I want to share.




Where and what in the world is that?

I’ll share that my boyfriend Michael, my son Aaron, and I saw that last night in Medford Massachusetts USA, where we thought it might be Bunny Heaven.

I’ve seen and heard Pat Metheny share his music with the world (here on YouTube):

I hope you share how you see the world, here and elsewhere.

Thanks to all who help me share how I see the world, every day.

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24 thoughts on “Day 1202: Share how you see the world

  1. There is something energetic and electrifying about someone who sees wonderful things in their every day and wants to share it. Thank you Ann!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Ann.

  3. You share your everyday world, and that’s the magic, Ann. 💘

  4. Good morning Ann! Love the idea of Bunny Heaven! I want you to know that I’m in the Aveda salon for a cut and consultation about putting some aqua, blue and/or lavender in my gray hair, keeping your powerful example in mind. Namasté, Sunny

  5. Sounds like a successful experiment to me! I love the bunny heaven but I don’t have a pre-task plan though!

  6. Amazing post! Its always important to be the chang you want to see in the world! Check my blog out I hope you enjoy:

  7. Sharing is communicating, we love sharing as it is our nature. We need to share.

  8. Big and beautiful and encompassing lots of stuff–even shiny bunnies in store windows with cotton balls…

  9. My world is my challenge. Tough at times but with lots of positive energy altogether. Never giving up is my motto and often it’s the small steps/things that make me/us happiest. I don’t dream of travelling the big wide world. I want to do as much good as I can in my small world.

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