Day 1198: Mindful

What does the word “mindful” mean to you?

I’m mindful that I’ve asked that mindful question, many times before, to people whose minds are full of pain AND hope.

I’m mindful that “mindful” was the first thing I was mindful enough to capture on my iPhone yesterday.


The world was filled with many other mindful things yesterday, when I was mindful enough to notice them.

Which of these mindful photos fill your mind, and why?

Here’s what I’m mindful of, right now:

  • Yesterday was the home opening game for our beloved Boston Red Sox.
  • As I walked through the crowd directly after the Red Sox game was over — mindful of how people looked, sounded, and acted — I tried to guess whether the Sox had won.
  • Despite a particularly difficult loss, people seemed okay.
  • One image I was mindful of  yesterday didn’t seem to belong with the mindful montage of photos above, so I left it out.
  • If you’re now mindful of any curiosity about that missing picture, here it is:


I am now mindful of this: when we can, we pick and choose what we allow to fill our minds.

As always, I am mindful of how much I appreciate

  • those who helped me create this post and
  • YOU.
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25 thoughts on “Day 1198: Mindful

  1. Its a wonderful topic for today Ann.
    Conscious awareness, without judgment, as each moment unfolds. xo

  2. I am mindful that Mother Nature just won’t let our baseball team, the Syracuse Chiefs, start their season, Ann. Now it’s supposed to be a home-opening doubleheader today. I see the sun shining out my window, so maybe it will happen while I am working at the store. Yay, baseball!

  3. We’re you checking in for surgery?

  4. I’m mindful that all these pictures bring so many things to mind, but especially studies. Taking part in studies can be both entertaining and lucrative and sometimes requires mindfulness.
    I’m also mindful that the Red Sox are off to a rocky start but there are still plenty of games ahead.

  5. Nice. It’s like you are what you think.!

  6. mindful looks
    like a wonderful
    way to make
    a profit 🙂

  7. I’m mindful that I’m mindful.

  8. Hello my friend. I am mindful that I haven’t visited in several days. Hope all is well with you.

  9. Does mindful mean remember?

    • Mindful means remembering to be present fully in each moment, as much as possible. It also means emptying your mind of unhelpful thoughts. My mind is full, now, of many different ways to define it.

  10. It’s a good reminder for all of us to be more mindful. I am working on living in the present, which is not completely unlike being mindful.A good reminder…

  11. Is that one of Michael’s wonderful creations? He always seem mindful of your health and happiness.

  12. I am mindful that if you are a surgical patient you are likely to be grateful that you are conscious enough to read and comply

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