Day 1194: When you write sentence fragments beginning with the word “When” 

When you read social media these days, have you noticed this new style of writing?

When I read Facebook and lots of people are posting  sentence fragments that begin with the word “When.”

Like that one.

When I write a blog post and feel I need more examples (from Facebook).

When your client asks you to bring your dog to lunch.

When your friend’s kid plays a mini Trump on Conan. Tonight.

When something comes unexpectedly. 😀

When we don’t see each other for a long time and then we do.

When we is excited for friends and food!

When the only letters you get are from the NHS. 😦

When I’m writing my blog posts on my phone because my laptop storage is full.

When I’m planning to go to the Apple Store tomorrow to free up storage.

When I use my photos from yesterday to support the theme of today’s post.

When the first thing  I write on my office whiteboard is a weird match for today’s topic.  
When I draw a t-shirt that illustrates something else we’re discussing in therapy.

When I draw something to show that even when things improve, people still have ups and downs. 
When you attend a lecture at work that’s too close for comfort and you have to leave the auditorium and get some comfort food.  

When you take photos for no apparent  reason and hope your readers like them.  

When WordPress changes the order of your photos for no apparent reason.

When you say to your son, “When you’ve just woken up and your mother is talking to you about her blog.”

When your son is so wonderful  you include a photo you took months ago.   

When you finish a post by expressing gratitude to all.

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32 thoughts on “Day 1194: When you write sentence fragments beginning with the word “When” 

  1. I’m excited…
    When I see mindful motion and the sheepies!
    When I read your post in the morning
    When I don’t understand how it can be a full sentence
    When I realize I am old fashioned or just British

  2. When you drop in to see what Ann wrote and you’re glad you did. ❤
    Diana xo

  3. When you deactivate your FaceBook for 2 weeks and everyone thinks you lost your mind, but you just want to be “free.”

  4. Sentence fragments are now a thing because social media! he said, employing two additional stylistic changes. Plenty of people find these linguistic alterations exasperating but they always make me think of a linguistics professor who delighted in unusual grammar. He’d often chide Strunk & White for treating language as an artifact to be preserved rather than a dynamic living thing.
    TL;DR Aaron will do well in Edinburgh.

  5. When I see a fragment like that, I have the deepest urge to fix it!

  6. Carol Ferenc

    When I read your posts, it brightens my day, Ann.

  7. Marcia Dubreuil

    Rob Roy!!

  8. “When” followed by “Then” are the two worst words in the language when it comes to self, to personal goals, to life. If you always wait until “when” you’ll never get there. It should be “Now” and “Today.”

  9. When there are not enough hours in the day to catch up on my blogging friends blogs but then I find a minute and drop in I am always glad I did. What a beautiful portrait of Aaron!

  10. When I read this post I do not know when goes wrong or goes right 😐

  11. I love the sheep stickers and your beautiful portrait of Aaron!

  12. When I think Aaron is a most handsome fellow and how lucky he is to have such a cool Mom!!!!

  13. When I get tired of your blog I’ll get tired of blogging. I recently wrote a post on literal signs that is probably the post I’ve done that’s most like yours. Please take it as a big compliment.

  14. Your post made me thibk of a S & G song, Ann: “When you feel lonely. . . and you need a friend, I will lay me down. Like a Bridge over troubled waters. . .” thanks for your visit, great post. You make a difference! 🙂

  15. When you get a great shot of any young man, that is a perfect one of the subject

  16. hello ann koplow its dennis the vizsla dog hay i never begin a sentense that way or yooze a sentense fragmint nope my sentenses ar always kompleet in fakt dada sez they ar mor then kompleet i hav no ideea wot he is tawking abowt but wotever dada!!! ok bye

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