Day 1193: Great new things are here!

During a great new yesterday, I was here:

I thought that would make a great new title for a great new post, especially since great new obstacles have recently prevented me from sharing great new photos here.

There were other great new things that were here, yesterday, including

  • a therapy group at work,
  • a previously untried ice cream flavor (Brown Butter Hazelnut), and
  • Steve Martin and Martin Short appearing in “An Evening You Will Forget for the Rest of Your Life.”

Great new photos are here!


Which of those great new things is the greatest, to you?

To me, the greatest new thing yesterday was seeing the great Martin Short and the great Steve Martin, accompanied by my great son, Aaron.

A great new video — of Steve Martin and Martin Short on the David Letterman Show — is here:

I wonder what great new things will be here today?

Great new thanks are here for all who helped me create this post and for you — of course! — for being great and here.

I just discovered this great old thing, new to me, with David Letterman and Martin Short:

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16 thoughts on “Day 1193: Great new things are here!

  1. There are so many great things you shared Ann! How was the show?!?

  2. I’m a teeny bit jealous that you saw those two great funny men!

  3. While I’m a little bit envious that you got to see Martin & Martin I’m happier to see you’ve got your phone with you and the shoes in the snow made me think of how we’re on solid ground even when we’re on thin ice.
    Martin Short’s fearlessness in being any character from Robin Williams to Ed Grimley must have been an amazing contrast with Steve Martin’s fearlessness in being his dryly witty self.

  4. Drumming preparatory school! That’s new to me! (Maybe they start with finger drumming?)

  5. Carol Ferenc

    Going to a show with your son has to be among the greatest things in life, Ann! Maybe not new, but great.

  6. Lots of great things here. I’m glad to see more videos of Martin Short and Steve Martin.

  7. Maybe its because I’m an Englishman, but I far prefer The Two Ronnies:

  8. I am very glad that all the soups are clean

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