Day 1192: Today’s problem

For the last one thousand, one hundred, and ninety-one days, I’ve written one blog post every day.

Writing each post has not been a problem for me.  Indeed, every blog post has helped me face a problem, express it,  and move on.

What problem do I wish to face, express, and move on from, today?

Here are some problem choices:

  1. I left my phone at the office, again.
  2. There is snow and ice all around, on April 6.
  3. I’m on the anti-coagulant medicine Xarelto, which makes it dangerous if I slip and fall.
  4. The dental device I’m wearing to relieve my mild sleep apnea is problematically uncomfortable.
  5. I have to travel out to the Mayo Clinic in Minneapolis in May to meet with some new doctors who might recommend major heart surgery.
  6. My heart is so unusual and weird that any operation has a  considerably higher risk.
  7. Our 11-year-old cat Oscar has been exhibiting some problem behaviors.
  8. Our other cat, Harley, continues to see me as a scary problem, even though I’m always kind and gentle with him.
  9. My only child, Aaron, is going very far away in the fall, to the University of Edinburgh.
  10. Both I and my laptop are having memory problems (which probably just have to do with age).

Hmmm.  No matter what problem I choose, writing that list of problems is already helping me feel better. I’m seeing each one as much less of a problem.



That’s why.

Also, no matter what the problem is, comedy and humor always help. Tonight, I’ll be seeing Steve Martin and Martin Short  with my son Aaron, which should be no problem.

It’s also no problem for me to share some new photos with you:

Ooops!  I thought sharing those  new photos showing Oscar the cat (and his problems) would be no problem. However, I cannot share any new photos in this post because

  1. My Mac storage is full again (even though I thought I had re-solved that problem last night) and
  2. I left my phone at work.

Instead, here are videos of Martin Short and Steve Martin, dealing with some problems:


Because I know it’s a problem for people who receive these posts via email to see any videos I include, the links are here and here.

Any problems with today’s post? If you share them, you’ll halve them.

It’s no problem for me to thank Martin Short, Steve Martin, Conan O’Brien, and everybody else who helped me write today’s post. It’s also no problem for me to thank you — of course! — no matter what your problem is, here and now.

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38 thoughts on “Day 1192: Today’s problem

  1. I wish you good balance and excellent memory today, Ann. Hope the snow melts and you have blossoms. My daughter in Toronto told me they had quite a lot of snow there a few days ago and the gas company accidentally disconnected their gas for a few days after installing a new meter. So, no furnace and no shower or stove! The weather is mild on the west coast.

    I’m worried about Oscar. Do you have any thoughts about what is going on with him?

    • I think it’s just aging and perhaps anxiety, Maureen. Oscar’s been increasing his attachment to computer keyboards but, more importantly, he’s been peeing in all the right places (since destroying several of my shoes). We’re watching all problems carefully, along with our vet. I hope this reply has halved your worry.

  2. I have a couple of old computers I can send Oscar, Ann..Maybe you can put one next to your laptop. Or in his litter box. 🙂

    Do you think he wants your company? Or is the keyboard warm? How does he feel about piano keys?

    • I meant, computer keyboards.

      • All helpful suggestions to our problems, Maureen. Thank you. Michael and I have discussed the possibility that my mac storage inexplicably filling up on my laptop is related to Oscar constantly sitting on the keyboard. In other words, Oscar is getting a little behind in my work.

      • Oscar is pretty heavy to park on top of a thin laptop Ike that!

      • That is a problem, Maureen!

  3. On a humorous note if there’s a mayo clinic there should be a ketchup one too

  4. My MacBook Air occasionally tells me it is out of memory, then it forgets to tell me for a few months and then starts agin… Apple gnomes. Enjoy tonight, because as Steve Martin says, “Comedy is funny”.

  5. A problem shared is a problem halved. I like that Ann. Enjoy your comedy night out! ❤
    Diana xo

  6. When all else fails, go seek that village idiot. ☺☺☺

  7. On the bright side by leaving your phone at work you don’t have to worry about your pictures taking up additional memory on your computer.

    I worry that my compulsion to find the bright side of things is a problem, although as problems go it’s probably fairly low on the list of ones to be concerned about.

    • Finding the bright side is not a problem, Chris, but worry can be a problem. I’m glad you’re on my side.

  8. At any rate I can halve two of your problems. Administer a little cat-nip to Oscar and Harley, while playing a recording of “Don’t worry, be happy,” in the background.

  9. That is a list of problems. Or opportunities! I will only comment on your son going to Edinburgh. My husband did his junior year abroad there in the 1970s. He did come home, but he had a wonderful experience and the friends he made there are among his best. He’s going over for a few days later this month. Wonderful place!!!

    • I now realize the today’s problem is tomorrow’s opportunity,
      Elyse. Your wonderful comments are never a problem. Many thanks.

  10. Carol Ferenc

    Share a problem, halve a problem. Love that! Martin and Short should make your worries evaporate, at least for a while. Enjoy the evening!

  11. Love it Ann. Have fun tonight. Laughter is the best way to release anxiety about problems.
    Lucky Aaron going to Edinburgh! I don’t expect it to be a problem at all for him. And you will get to visit over there too 🙂

    • I don’t expect it will be a problem for Aaron either, Val. And beautiful Edinburgh is never a problem for any of us.

  12. Here’s to laughter and guffaws tonight!!!!!

  13. A colleague and I were just discussing our scattered minds, which we have attributed to hugely increased stress in the office. I think you’re under a bit of stress as well. But you’re right on track with the laughter. There’s nothing like a good belly laugh to get rid of any bad feelings.

    • I don’t mind scattered minds, but office stress is definitely a problem. I hope you get some good belly laughs soon, too!

  14. I hope those problems are taken care of subside soon.!

  15. I have no problem with the Camel on your blog. As a matter of fact, I love seeing it. Thank you for blogging everyday for me to see.

  16. I hope you will, with all your technology, have no problem keeping in touch with Aaron

  17. lol technology can be a bit of a stinker sometimes, but so can we right?! I love the quote of “a problem shared is a problem halved”. Glad we could be hear to listen/read and help you feel better in some way:)

    • Thanks, Nena! I apologize for having a problem getting back to your comment in a timely way. I appreciate, very much, that you’re here to listen, read, and help me feel better. ❤

      • No problem, Ann:) It is truly my pleasure to be in communication with you in some way. Have a wonderful hump day!!

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