Day 1191: You feel like you’re on thin ice, but you’re on solid ground

Recently, I wrote this on my whiteboard at work:

You feel like you’re on thin ice,

But you’re on solid ground.

I wrote that for somebody in a therapy session.

What I wrote also applies to myself and to several people I love.

Why do we feel like we’re on thin ice, when we’re on solid ground?

We all have our reasons to feel that way, but those reasons have to do with what we’ve experienced in THE PAST,  when we believed we were safe  on solid ground and the unexpected — or even traumatic — happened.

In the moment, we are all on solid ground, even if it doesn’t feel that way.

How do I know we’re all on solid ground?

Well, even though there are plenty of people out there who tell us, every day, that there are dangers all around us, nobody is claiming that all the solid ground  is about to

  • dissolve,
  • collapse,
  • blow up, or
  • otherwise give us nowhere to be.

I wonder if any of the photos I took yesterday will help us believe that we’re on solid ground, no matter how it feels?


I feel like I’m on thin ice (and snow), but  I’m on solid ground, April 5, 2016.

How are you feeling now? I hope you know you’re on solid ground here.

Thanks to all who feel like they’re on thin ice and to those who are on solid ground, including you!

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32 thoughts on “Day 1191: You feel like you’re on thin ice, but you’re on solid ground

  1. Every bit of ground can feel unsure Ann. It’s up to us to keep our balance.

  2. That’s a lot of snow and ice for April Ann! My mother always used the phrase “you’re on thin ice” when my behavior left something to be desired i her eyes. Hadn’t thought of that in years

  3. I’ve been feeling like I’m on thin ice lately, looking ahead at unknowns. As I read your post I re-realized that everything up ahead is unknown… Thank you for the broader vision you painted with your words and pictures. It helped me to look at things with 2 feet firmly on the ground…knowing if I hit a patch of ice, I’ll most likely skate across with ease.

  4. Such a great perspective. There is solid ground under that thin ice. (Unless you are on a snowmobile over a lake…ouch.) 💝

  5. My entire life I’ve chosen to go around rather than take the risk and go straight through on thin ice. Now that I’m older, I’ve learned the safest way is not always the best way.

  6. When, suddenly….!

  7. The nice thing about thin ice over solid ground is it gives us an opportunity to skate.

  8. I wonder if I would feel more secure if I bought a pie funnel. Because even though I have never in my entire life baked a pie, that’s the kind of thing I see in the store and buy, based on some fantasy that I’m going to become Betty Crocker.

  9. Too often I feel as though I’m on thin ice and realize I’m not. Just have to do a reality check. Oscar looks oddly as though he is imitating the peeps.

  10. I like Miriam’s comment. We need to keep balance on any ground.

  11. As a woman who has shitty balance I often feel like I am on thin ice and could take a tumble at any step not a nice feeling at all just saying

  12. Carol Ferenc

    That’s my motto ~ talk to the cats, they run things around here!

  13. Love the watch!

  14. jwoodruf2015

    LOVE The watch, didn’t love the snow, I don’t like peeps!!! Jan

    Janet S. Woodruff RN, BSN Healthcare Associates BIDMC ________________________________________

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