Day 1190: Inspiring

Lately, several people I find inspiring have called me “inspiring.”

I find that very inspiring.

Would it be inspiring if I told you that the word “inspiring” — because of its Latin roots about breathing — reminds me to  pause and breathe deeply?

I’m inspired by people who are brave during anxiety-provoking times. When inspiring people are anxious, they often forget to breathe deeply. Inspired breathing can be very calming, inspiring us to better face our fears.

It would be inspiring to this inspiring blogger if you took an inspiring breath and expressed what you find inspiring (which may or may not include photos I was inspired to take yesterday).

Personally, I find it inspiring that somebody is running for local office who is

  • good with numbers,
  • dreams of stars, and
  • has a famous sign-carrying dog named Bridget.

Here’s an inspiring song I heard yesterday at an inspiring local production of The Boy from Oz.

Inspiring thanks to all who inspire me, including you!

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29 thoughts on “Day 1190: Inspiring

  1. Inspirational song, indeed

  2. How inspiring!

  3. I don’t feel terribly inspired today but maybe it will develop later!

  4. It is inspiring to come and visit and find Hugh Jackman singing such a great song (even Hugh Jackman not singing would be inspiring!) 🙂 — and to see photos of Liza Minelli (whom I have been told most of my life that I look like — and my mother always got Judy Garland. 🙂 )

    Thanks for the morning inspiration as I write my Week 3 of Inspiring Acts of Grace in Everyday Living!

  5. Whenever the subject of inspiration comes up I remember the wisdom of Willy Wonka: “Invention is 1% inspiration, 98% perspiration, and 6% butterscotch ripple.”
    If inspiration is slow to come though I find that it helps to leave the other values the same but double the amount of butterscotch.

  6. I’m inspired to ask what kind of signs are carried by the famous dog, Bridget?

    • I’m inspired to tell you that your guess is as good as mine.

      • Maureen

        I thought perhaps he was blind and that Bridget’s sign said that she was a guide dog. But I don’t think that is the case. Did you know that there is an astronomer in Nova Scotia who is legally blind? Apparently, his night vision is better than his day vision.

  7. Hi Ann. You inspire me on a daily basis with your thoughtful posts. I hope you have a day filled with peace filled inspirations and expirations.

  8. Having bipolar, the person who inspires me most is Carrie Fisher. Despite getting bad press during times that she’s manic, she keeps on keeping on. When haters commented on how fat she was in the last Star Wars movie (despite her now being sixty years old,) this was her inspiring response:
    “Youth and Beauty Aren’t Accomplishments.”
    Thank you for your inspiring post.

  9. Inspired to breathe deeply–as one who tends to hold her breath when anxious.
    Inspired to be direct–like the 3-stages sign at the top that finally gets real!
    Inspired to keep writing–and not go into acting or signing before the public, even though I love this song and find it brings tears to my eyes every time, including this one.

  10. Inspired breathing sounds very inspiring to me.

  11. You do inspire. And, you seem to be an anomaly. How’s come with all of the heart issues, you have such an amazingly strong and inspiring heart????? 🙂 ❤

    • I am an anomaly, just like you, Colleen. We both have amazingly strong and inspiring hearts!

      • Thank you Ann. I think our heart beats are more than a physically act. It’s something we can’t see but we sure can feel it.

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