Day 1189: Taxing

Here’s a list of things I find taxing:

  • taxes,
  • worry,
  • cruelty,
  • fear,
  • guilt,
  • shame,
  • regret,
  • the message “Your Mac Storage is Full,”
  • trying to export photos to free up storage space and getting failure messages,
  • deleting lots of stuff and still getting the “Your Mac Storage is Full” message,
  • solutions that previously worked before not working in the moment,
  • frustration,
  • losing sight of hope,
  • insecurity,
  • disappointment,
  • impatience,
  • cognitive distortions including shoulds, mind-reading, blame, comparisons, labeling, catastrophizing, etc., and
  • the fact that it is SNOWING, SNOWING, SNOWING on APRIL 3, 2016, here and now, outside of Blogging Central.

I find it less taxing to make lists of what helps me, whenever things are taxing. Those include:

  • self-care (including nourishing food, water, and sleep)
  • remembering the saying, “If you don’t like the weather in New England, wait a minute,”
  • expressing my thoughts and feelings,
  • letting go of worry,
  • letting go of fear,
  • letting go of guilt,
  • letting go of shame,
  • faith in my own ability to solve problems,
  • remembering there are people in my life who can help me solve problems,
  • doing my best in the moment, and
  • letting go, again.

Which of these photos do you find particularly taxing or non-taxing?


I hope leaving a comment isn’t too taxing for you.

Here’s a final taxing photo for today:

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36 thoughts on “Day 1189: Taxing

  1. You deserve a day off from blogging but please don’t ever take one haha.

  2. Addison Graves will be an awesome blogger one day.

  3. I love your card gallery and all the wisdom imparted.
    We can’t get a white Christmas but somehow confectioner’s sugar sprinkled over the grass, rooftops and the new bud leaves. A winter wonderland April morning. Taxes and snow make April the cruelest month for sure. Your blog always cheers me.

  4. So many ways to comment here, Ann, but I can’t seem to get past Cinnabon popcorn ??? ☺ Yum.

  5. Doing income tax filing is taxing. The date line is near.

  6. Ha. My post today, Ann, is about how I can’t do my taxes because I misplaced a form! 😉 ❤
    Diana xo

  7. I love all of the cards. I never find it taxing to laugh out loud in a card store … I can’t speak for the other customers within ear shot.
    We don’t have snow, but I do feel a little like Dorothy, pre-Oz here in Philly!

  8. perhaps this has given me
    the strength to do
    my taxes 🙂

  9. Taxing humor never hurts! Thank you, you just made my day!


  10. Oh these cards made me laugh Ann!

  11. Carol Ferenc

    Yes, if life gets too taxing, find some humor. Love the cards, Ann!

  12. Life can be taxing but it is better then being dead

  13. I particularly like the little duckling. About taxes: I don’t find them taxing anymore because I pay someone else to do them. I highly recommend it. Sorry about your snow. Thing is, it’s soooo late, it won’t last long!

  14. A little humor during the tax season…yes, just what I needed 🙂

  15. Love these cards Ann!! What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger ☺️

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