Day 1185: I left my phone at the office

I left my phone at the office, yesterday.

That means

  • I can’t show you any new photos,
  • I might have missed an important call from the office of cardiologist and Congenital Adult Heart specialist Dr.  Carole Warnes at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and
  • something significant to Sigmund Freud , although he might have made an exception for cell phones.

Because I didn’t leave my laptop at my office, I can look this up, here and now:

Freud said we often forget things for a reason. Motivated forgetting is a concept well documented in psychology and recognized in everyday life. For example, workers at dental offices know they have to call patients the day before an appointment, because otherwise patients commonly forget to show up. Freud would say this is because on some level they want to forget a dental appointment.

How can motivated forgetting or losing things reflect an “unconscious wish”?
Losing things can be revealing if the loss occurs “accidentally on purpose.” Freud said people sometimes lose a valuable thing they borrowed because, unconsciously, they rebel at giving it back. On other occasions, a loss might reflect an unconscious wish to get rid of something.

A student who raised her hand during a discussion of meaningful losses supplied an example. She said, “What would Freud say about this? I threw my wedding ring away while I was sleepwalking the first night I was married!” Not wanting to say, “That means you don’t want to be married,” I said, “Freud would probably make a lot out of that, but not all errors are meaningful.” In this case, however, the student was divorced within a year.

“Freudian Slips” and Other Errors (

What do you think it means, that I left my phone at the office? What do you think it means when you forget things?

I may have left my phone at the office, but I didn’t leave my mind at the office.  Therefore, I can share some videos my co-worker Megan and I were talking about yesterday:

Even though I left my phone at my office, I can still remember that next Wednesday, April 6,  I’m seeing Martin Short and Steve Martin in “An Evening You Will Forget For the Rest of Your Life” with my son Aaron!

I wonder what Freud would say about that?   I especially wonder what Freud would say if you left behind a comment.

Left behind thanks to all who helped me create this post and to you — of course! — for not leaving this blog behind, today.

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48 thoughts on “Day 1185: I left my phone at the office

  1. May the voice mails you find be positive messages and please report back on the show. Steve & Martin..perfect together in Father of The Bride. (family tells me that I was the one they used to create Steve’s character, Mr. Banks) Personally, I think Freud thought too much and probably had surpressed feelings towards his mother.

  2. You are so funny, Ann!

  3. Thanks to your post, I’m leaving behind my dread that today will be a carbon copy of yesterday! Thank you!

  4. I left my phone at work once. I was so anxious. I don’t have a land line and it’s my only phone, but I forced myself not to get it. I went to bed early so I could hurry up and get to the next day so I could have my phone! What would Freud say about that Ann? ❤
    Diana xo

  5. Holly

    Hoping for good voice mails…and wow, that show sounds like a lot of fun, can’t wait to hear back about y’all attending it! 🙂

    • No voice mails are good voice mails, sometimes, and that’s what I found on my cell phone at work, Holly. Thank you for this kind and fun comment.

  6. Umm – I forgot what I was going to say (tee-hee). I very purposefully leave my phone at home, because I like being without a phone, it’s very freeing. And as everyone else has mentioned – hope you have some positive voicemails waiting for you when you get to work!!!

  7. vicki

    Love the laugh!! Can’t wait to hear the review about Steve Martin and Martin Short!

  8. i think you can leave Freud out of this one. Sometimes forgetting is simply forgetting. You are a busy woman with probably a dozen things running through you ur mind at once.
    My forgetting excuse is g thing bette and better as I near seventy!

  9. Soooo many life examples I could cite…It has got to be Freudian, I think. ☺

  10. What we remember and what we forget is always a mystery to me. Would Freud say I wanted to forget the answers when I took a history test? Leaving a phone or throwing away a wedding ring while sleepwalking suggest possible unconscious desires. Dylan Thomas lost the manuscript for Under Milk Wood at least a couple of times and some think he was purposely trying to get rid of it.
    But sometimes we just forget things without reason. And some things we should forget. I won’t forget that you and Aaron will be seeing Steve Martin and Martin Short but I’ll try very hard to forget the envy I feel.

  11. When a woman is tired of blogging……… 🙂

  12. Leaving your phone at your office means you left your phone at your office. Nothing more. Nothing less. Sometimes an orange is just an orange.

  13. Seeing Steve Martin will be fun — I saw his standup routine in the late 1970s — he was hilarious. Still is.

  14. Ann,
    I don’t think you forgot your phone because of a subconscious hatred for it, or some mutation of an Electra complex, as Freud would have you believe.
    Common sense would reveal that you simply had something else on your mind prior to reaching for your phone. Maybe a chocolate ice cream sundae, or anticipation of my next comment.
    But, common sense was not high on Freud’s list. Most likely because it kept paying patients off his couch.

    • I love the uncommon sense in this comment, Alan.

      • Ann, You are not alone.
        I had a similar mind lapse moment just now. As I made an afternoon cup of coffee on our one-cup-at-a-time coffee machine, my thoughts were elsewhere. As the coffee machine began to dispense, I realized the cup wasn’t in place. Well half a cup is better than none I’ll wager.

  15. Carol Ferenc

    Maybe you were trying to avoid the call from Mayo? Or maybe you just forgot. Since I don’t use a smart phone I’m certainly no expert, although I’ve heard they’re important to people 🙂

  16. I think it means….you forgot your phone.

    Which led to a unique kind of post for you.

    And that is exciting news about the show with Mr Short and Mr Martin and your Son!!!!!

  17. I believe people forget things sometimes and that just have no basis on anything. I would not think about that too much.

  18. I forgot to say I was sorry, for Alfred W. Adler that could be a superiority complex.

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