Day 1184: You’re in

You’re in for a treat today, if urine the mood for stinky puns.

Are you in, pee-ple?

Yesterday morning, as I was minding my pees and q’s, I was  feeling  a little pissed, about my heart.

Then, I became much more pissed when I realized that our cat (whose name begins with O, not P), had urinated, peed, and pissed all over the bottom of our bedroom closet.

Of course, I had to de-urinate, de-pee, and de-piss the closet, pronto, even though I had an early appointment about my heart.

Does this  pissy post on my Facebook page sound pissed off?

Apparently, one of our cats tried to distract me from worrying about my heart by peeing everywhere in our closet. It worked.

After this pissy and pee-ved start to my morning, I met with Melanie at the New England Cardiac Arrhythmia Center.

Urine for some surprises, perhaps, when I tell you that:

  1. Melanie and I have worked together, through many pacemakers, for thirty years.
  2. I always feel less pissed after I talk with wonderful pee-ple like Melanie.
  3. Melanie showed me empeethy and understanding, as usual, which helped my heart feel much better.

Throughout the day, I felt pissy about these things:

  1. I could still imagine smelling that cat pee.
  2. Several pairs of my shoes are probably ruined because of urine, which is very pee-ving.
  3. I phoned  pee-ple at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, and Dr. Warnes (who is the expert in pee-ple with my heart condition) is taking vacation the same week as my vacation in May, which is pee-ving, because now I’ll have to miss work to visit her.
  4. Dr. Warnes wants me to meet with a surgeon when I visit her in Minnesota, and surgeons are pee-ple who can piss me off.

Ready for some pissed photos from yesterday, pee-ple?





That last pissy picture shows our own personal Urinetown — the back porch containing everything Oscar has recently peed on.

Because personally, puns do NOT peeve me, here’s the subject heading of an email I sent to my doctors about my mixed feelings re: traveling all the way to the Mayo Clinic about my pissy heart:

Hold the Mayo?

Here’s a punny clip from the very punny movie Airplane! about the Mayo Clinic:

Pissed off, peeple?

If urine the mood to mark this territory with a comment, I will not be pissed or peeved.

Many thanks to all people who pee, including those who helped me create this pissy and punny post and to those who are reading it, here and now.

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41 thoughts on “Day 1184: You’re in

  1. This made me laugh so much that I almost peed in my pants. Glad I didn’t as I was already at work and that would be a bit awkward. Oscar proved to be a good distraction for your head and heart.

  2. Oh this post pee ves me!

  3. vicki

    hahahhaa!!! So sorry about your pissy cat!! and your pee’d in shoes.. I have a cat that gets pissy at me as well and pee’s on my floors!!! EEEWWW!!

  4. What a pee-vish beginning to your day, Ann!

  5. Just remember: it’s better to be pissed off than pissed on. And I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.

    • I’m neither pissed off nor pissed on by this comment, Chris. And you quoted one of my favorite puns, ever, by Tom Waits.

  6. Hmm. I wonder why Oscar had such a fit of peeque? Was he peesuaded that your footwear shoedn’t be there? That the closet would be more peeceful for him without sandals and heels? Was he trying to pissuade you to stay home? Perhaps your upcoming visits with doctors have given him a nervous bladder?

    I’m not sure how old Oscar is, but it might be worth taking him to the vet to be tested for a UTI or problems with his kidneys. Unless there’s another good reason for him to pee on your carpet — like, he chased a mouse in there and is trying to make the closet less mouse-friendly.

    I’m very impressed with your medical system in the States, that is giving you access to top heart centers in Boston and in Minnesota. That is quite amazing, although stressful.

    • As usual, Maureen, urine with the spirit of this post and your punning is piss-perfect. I don’t believe Oscar has a UTI — he had a vet visit last weekend. He shows these behaviors pee-riodically.

  7. When one of our cats got very old, she began to pee on our carpet. We used this product. It worked quite well.

  8. Ann, I’m not one to venture forth into a raging storm. So I will opine when the storm has passed and urine a better mood.

  9. You really pissed me off today because my sides hurt from laughing

  10. I’m pretty sure it’s that love affair. Seriously though, I had a male cat for years who pretty much always missed the box and it was smelly. The vet told me that castrating a cat after they’ve reached puberty causes this behavior. He said it was learned behavior prior to the castration, they learned how to mark territory BEFORE the castration. Another vet told me that some castrations are done improperly and that remnants of the testicular gland stay inside. He said that triggered this behavior also.

    Well, as for your other consultation, Ann, I wish you the best. I strongly believe in hearing other opinions, but that in no way affects my initial decisions or convictions. They’re just different opinions. Anyway, the medical system always plays the “I know best” game. Believe me, I know because I went to medical school to become a therapist. If you have a hunch that this other doctor might help, then go and see her. It’s just another opinion that’s all. You don’t have to change your decisions or convictions.

  11. I hope they don’t blame me! Don’t push my buttons, or I’ll call Grumpy!

  12. I love your pee-vishly pissed post, Ann. I think I’d feel the same if Oscar had ruined most of my shoes! The smell of piss is seriously perverse! Your great pics of Urinetown are so appropriate to this pissy post, too. 🙂 Your pee-vish and pissy post gave me a good laugh, so I’m happily not peeved, or pissed, today.

  13. I hope you feel less being p… now 🙂

  14. I hope your pissy shoes air out. Eww, that would conceal any foot odor you might have though (I have some pretty odiferous feet that require Gold Bond or I would not have impugned your feet.). Being pee-ved or cheesed off is something that happens, usually when urine the middle of a few other not so great things. Oscar must not engage in this peevish behavior. He’s much more endearing sitting on a computer being perverse. I hope the Mayo visit goes well. In the meantime keep taking good care of your heart. To paraphrase ee cummings, we all carry your heart in our hearts.

  15. Carol Ferenc

    One of my biggest pet PEEves ~ a pet who pees in all the wrong places. Not to make excuses for Oscar’s bad behavior, but I hope his health is okay.

  16. Did someone just call me? I’m not in the mood!

  17. That was a butt call Grumpy!

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  19. De-piss and Pissy-pot will now be addd to my vocabulary. I was laughing until I saw your shoes …. O has no idea how lucky he is right now.

  20. Pees and puns, all in one post.

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