Day 1182: Be great, feel great, act great



Be great — like my son creating this video for his friend Clark’s birthday yesterday, using found footage and videos he shot with my iPhone:

Feel great — like I feel about my son (and all the people who agreed to be in that video).

Act great — like the people in that video.

Let’s see if we can all be great, feel great, and/or act great — here and now — about some other things I saw yesterday:


Be great, feel great, act great by having a wonderful Easter, everybody!

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24 thoughts on “Day 1182: Be great, feel great, act great

  1. Clark must be a great friend!

  2. I’ve started off by feeling great, now to accomplish “be” and “act”. 🙂 Happy Easter Ann.

  3. The post was great, it made me feel great, and now I am off to act great!

  4. I stopped smoking 3 days ago. You are one of the people who have inspired me to do better with my life and I thank you.

  5. Great things!! I need only feeling great 🙂

  6. And Happy Easter to you, to Aaron, and to Michael

  7. haha love the video Ann! ❤
    Diana xo

  8. Carol Ferenc

    Happy Easter, Ann!

  9. Great video 😀

  10. How creative is Aaron Ann!

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