Day 1180: Alone

If you have thoughts and feelings about being alone, you are not alone.

“Alone” is a very common topic and important issue for people. That’s why I’ve written several  previous posts with the word “alone” in the title:

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Last night in a therapy group, nobody was alone — everybody wanted to focus on the topic of being alone.

I, alone, wrote this during the group:


If you have trouble reading that, I’m sure you’re not alone. It says

In ways we are all alone even when we are with others.

In ways we are connected with others even when we are alone.

I did not take that photo, alone. Here are more photos I took yesterday:








I’m going to explain that last photo, alone. I wrote that on my office’s lone whiteboard to show somebody they weren’t alone in eating things that aren’t good for them.

When you think of being alone, what song comes to mind?  Am I alone in thinking of this one?

I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to know I’m not alone today.  You can do your part by leaving a comment, below.


When I first published this post alone, a couple of hours ago, I forgot to say that many of us feel more alone today because of the passing of brilliant comedian Garry Shandling.  Here’s Conan O’Brien, not alone in missing this man:

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44 thoughts on “Day 1180: Alone

  1. Members of our blogging family are never alone. We are one, trancontinental extended family.

  2. I do cherish my alone time. And, it’s hard to have a favorite Beatles’ song…but that one is in my top 5 !

  3. I am gladiator know the difference between alone and lonely. When I am alone it is by choice (usually).

  4. Just a few days ago I rewatched the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “I, Borg”, an episode that asks big questions about responsibility even to one’s enemies and whether genocide is ever justifiable. But it also more subtly explores the value of being alone. Being alone, and loneliness, can make us better appreciate others. And it can create opportunities to listen, to feel empathy, as well as prompting self-examination.
    There’s something good in being part of a collective and there’s something good about occasionally cutting ourselves off from it too.

  5. Hi Ann, I love being alone. When I am alone, in the garden, or in the kitchen, or in my car, I am always thinking about those people that are so important in my life, they are always right there with me, so I am not really alone at all, ever (it’s just a bit quieter. Quiet is good. Quiet is rejuvenating.)
    I hope you have a day filled with joy and peaceful moments!!!!!!

  6. Perhaps alone, but together

  7. I can’t tell which song you were not alone in thinking of. Did you edit it out? Several come to mind.

    Being alone is the best way for me to be productive and regain my balance. That is very different from being excluded, though. I don’t usually like that at all.

  8. I’m a Unitarian Universalist (for those who haven’t heard of us, we’ve actually been around for over 500 years.) Anyway, our church does not have a creed or dogma you’re required to follow, but we do have 7 principles that most of us strive to achieve. The 7th principle is…

    “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.”

    Based on that, I am never alone, even if my head says otherwise.

  9. Carol Ferenc

    Sometimes alone but never lonely would be ideal. I like the Beatles but never cared for Eleanor Rigby, probably because it sounds so lonely to me. I hope your weekend is filled with people you love, Ann ~ but only if you want that.

  10. Here is one of my fav poems by a Canadian on being alone. Love this post Ann and I’m sure I’m not alone on that!

  11. I’m an introvert, so I don’t mind being alone. It’s being lonely that I don’t like, although I don’t feel that way very often. Also, I think that Eleanor Rigby is one of the saddest songs ever written. Reminds me of T.S. Eliot’s “Preludes”.

  12. I rarely feel completely alone partly because I believe we are always surrounded by spirits. Love Eleanor Rigby.

  13. We are one 🐥

  14. You are right, we can be alone even when we are with others and we can be connected when we are alone. What an ironic, our minds are so full of mysteries.

  15. Same group, different song…. Nowhere Man.

    Alone is a choice. Solitude can be a treasure, and loneliness can be a spur… both are choices.


  16. I use to hate being alone, that provided too much time to think. Now I attend a Quaker Meeting weekly where you sit in silence for 45 minutes and open your heart to whatever comes … now, I cherish that time with myself.

  17. I just wrote a tribute to Garry on my blog. Thanks for posting the video. I’d read parts of it in obituaries but not seen the whole thing.

  18. Loved that Conan clip on Garry Shandling!

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