Day 1176: Picture this

Picture this:

  1. It’s spring and there’s lots of snow on the ground in Boston this morning.
  2. I need to get to work in two hours to be available all day  for anybody who needs emotional and psychological support in an enormous primary care practice at a major Boston teaching hospital.
  3. I feel like I need some emotional and psychological support because of #1 and #2, directly above.
  4. My friend  Kathy Tarantola (who has appeared in this previous post) is an amazing photographer who is helping me decorate my new office in Newton with her pictures.
  5. Today is the 19th anniversary of my father’s death. I often picture how much he and my 18-year-old son would have enjoyed each other if they had ever met.
  6. Before I met up with Kathy and her boyfriend Michael yesterday to hang three of Kathy’s beautiful pictures in my office, Kathy sent me an old picture in an email that said, “two cuties!” Picture my face when I saw this adorable photo of Kathy’s nephew Matthew and my son Aaron:

Scan 153560294-20

You don’t need to picture anything else in this post, because I have all these pictures I took yesterday:
















Picture this:  I’m here in my temporarily snow-bound home thanking all who helped me create this  pictured post. I’m also thanking  you — of course! — for picturing whatever you’re picturing, here and now.

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31 thoughts on “Day 1176: Picture this

  1. My father died before my son was born as well. My son is 21 and this June it will be 22 years since he passed. The older my son gets the more I see my father in his looks and personality. They truly live on!
    Love the photos!

  2. Very curious about the kindness of “Be kind. Be curious”. Fascinating. Will have to explore. Thanks, Ann. 💘

  3. Ann, I’m picturing you at the end of this long day, reading our comments and feeling our support for you and all those people who walked through your life yesterday and today giving you support. I’m so glad I stopped by today to visit. This collection of photos is unusually heartwarming and winsome. Sleep well!

  4. Ann – love the pictures for your office!!!! and the photo of Aaron when he was little. So cute!!!! It sucks you are snowbound. Snow is so pretty to look at when you can stay in your house, all cozy, but it totally sucks when you have to get out in it and be somewhere. Be safe, my friend and wear warm socks!!!!!

    • SD — love how appreciative and empathic you are! Once the snowplow-guy got to my home and plowed me out this morning, I realized that it was actually not that difficult to get to work. I guess this mild winter has spoiled me! ❤

  5. I am so sorry that your dad never got to meet Aaron and Aaron never got to meet your dad. I’m glad you got to meet Aaron and he got to grow up with you.

    I hope that you had or are having a safe trip to work, or were able to switch with someone who lives nearer.

    • I’m glad I got to meet you and that I’ve gotten to mature as a blogger with you there, Maureen. I had a safe trip to work today. I’d like you to picture me in my office appreciating your comment. ❤

  6. Carol Ferenc

    The anniversary of your father’s death makes this a difficult day, I’m sure. But I’m picturing you looking at the pictures you hung yesterday and that makes me picture you as happy.

  7. Do you have any picures of the snowfall? Unseasonably late!

  8. I can relate to the sadness of your father and your son not ever meeting. My mom died over a decade before my daughter was born. I remember it was my ex wife who cried when she realized they never had the opportunity to meet.

    Stay warm up there in one of my favorite cities. I think I told you that I love your photos. I have no idea why I find them so engaging, but I do.

  9. I can understand snow-bound home. When that happens, it make you want to go out even more. Hope tomorrow will be no bound 🙂

  10. Those are very pretty pictures Ann!

  11. The first of your pictures is intriguing

  12. The pic of your son is just so adorable!! I can definitely imagine your face and nostalgia:)

  13. A remarkable mural!

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