Day 1173: Feeling lucky?

Feeling lucky?

I’m feeling lucky.

I feel lucky that, every day, I find lucky inspirations for my lucky blog posts, like this lucky sign I saw early yesterday on a lucky Saint Patrick’s Day morning:


Even though I didn’t win a prize from any pots of gold, I feel lucky that:

  • I’ve got a lucky number of consistent and kind readers here at lucky WordPress.
  • I do group and individual therapy at a luckily large and well-known teaching hospital in lucky Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
  • My lucky 18 year old son, Aaron, is luckily healthy, happy, and wise.
  • My lucky boyfriend Michael is lucky enough to have met lucky me.
  • I’m seeing my lucky cardiologist, Dr. Mark Estes, today, who luckily knows more about pacemakers than almost anybody else in this lucky world of ours.
  • Today is Friday, which makes a lot of working people feel lucky.

On lucky Thursdays, I am lucky enough to facilitate two therapy groups. Here are all the other photos I was lucky enough to capture yesterday, in lucky chronological order:



While I didn’t order Lucky Hydrox yesterday, I was still lucky enough to


sing from my heart, as I was walking to and from my lucky workplace.

Here’s one lucky song I was lucky enough to be singing, yesterday, with all my heart:

When I sang “Soothe” on my tryout for The Voice  last month, I wasn’t lucky enough to make it to the show. However, next month I’ll be lucky enough to sing “Soothe” for my fellow social workers at our lucky yearly party.

Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to see and hear a recording of me singing it, here.

I hope I’m lucky enough to get lots of lucky comments today.

Lucky thanks to all my lucky readers!

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28 thoughts on “Day 1173: Feeling lucky?

  1. I’m lucky to see the words “sing from your heart.” That’s always good advice no matter where you are or what you’re doing…a free healer.

  2. I never win raffles. Except the last one, at the Gilbert and Sullivan evening. Just my luck – I don’t like milk chocolate. Just Jackie’s. She does 🙂

  3. I’m so lucky to connect with you this morning Ann 😃

  4. I feel lucky to know you and that it’s Friday and I have another weekend to recover from Day Light Saving! ❤
    Diana xo

    • I feel lucky to know you and that it’s Friday and I have another weekend to recover from Day Light Saving! ❤ ❤ xxoo

  5. Whenever I hear someone try to reverse-engineer the successes of notable people I think luck is the one factor that can never be accounted for. But I also think the best lesson we can learn from notable people is to take advantage of luck when it comes along. And it sometimes takes a very long time for luck to come along.

  6. I believe in luck. I am lucky to have found your blog and feel extra lucky when I have the chance to read your posts in the morning. I hope your day is filled with paths of lucky five leafed clovers.

  7. I enjoyed your post and the song. I’ never heard the song before. Thank you for sharing it, Ann.

  8. I’m lucky to have found you again after my hiatus.

  9. Is there beginner’s luck?

  10. I’m lucky I saw your little tiger-y avatar and came to your site.

  11. I am glad you are feeling lucky! Please have a lucky weekend too!

  12. You’re singing for co-workers at a party! How wonderful! Doesn’t it seem like only yesterday that you nervously did that for the first time, with The Lion Sleeps Tonight?

    It is too bad that the Voice didn’t scoop you up, but there can be no better audience than people who love you?

    I have never seen a single episode of The Voice, but I’ve seen and heard your performances many times. Just saying.

  13. Carol Ferenc

    Ha! Your boyfriend is indeed a lucky man.
    Can’t wait to hear you sing, Ann. Lucky me!

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