Day 1172: The most amazing thing I’ve ever seen

Amazingly, yesterday somebody said to me, “That’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.”

The person expressing that amazement did so during one amazing moment of an amazingly busy day for me, when I did individual and group therapy at work, went to my amazing dentist’s office, walked around Boston and its amazing environs, went to an amazing group psychotherapy organization board meeting, and took photos of many amazing things.

Would you be amazed if I asked you to guess which amazing photo below shows the amazing thing that person found remarkably amazing?




The most amazing thing I can think of doing right now is to try to remember if I’ve ever said, “That’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen!” out loud.   I’d be amazed if I haven’t, at some point in my amazing life,  but my memory isn’t amazing enough to come up with amazing specifics. My amazing guess is that I could have easily said that about

  • my son, Aaron,
  • my father, Aaron,
  • one of my cats,
  • my very unusual heart,
  • a new place I’d never seen before (like Yosemite, Monument Valley, the Yucatan, London, Edinburgh, etc.),
  • a live stand-up comedy performance,
  • professional dancers,
  • a work of art,
  • a piece of architecture,
  • the Beatles,
  • a Pat Metheny concert,
  • another amazing person, or
  • a kashmillion other amazing sights.

I just googled “Pat Metheny most amazing” and found this site, which recommends this amazing performance of this amazing Beatles song as one of his 10 best:

Amazingly, it’s time for me to end this amazed and amazing post with one more amazing photo from amazing yesterday.


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32 thoughts on “Day 1172: The most amazing thing I’ve ever seen

  1. I am always amazed at your words and photos. You have an amazing view of our amazing world!

  2. I enjoy so much how your mind works. Thank you for sharing. Love the pictures too.

  3. so what ?
    amazing of course 🙂

  4. Aaron has to top the list, naturally

  5. I am always amazed at how amazing your posts are — filled with amazing photos, thoughts, ideas, words… and then… Kim tells Kayne he needs therapy? Hello? isn’t that like the kettle thingie?


  6. I am always amazed at the amazing things you talk about on your amazingly awesome blog. Ann, have an all time amazing day.

  7. It’s not amazing that you got me wondering what connection, if any, there is between “amaze” and “a maze”. Amazingly there is a connection but the origins of “maze” are hazy. One of its earlier meanings is “a state of bewilderment”. A bewildered person was said to be “in a maze”.
    I’m amazed and happy that it’s taken on a much more positive connotation. Einstein said it best when he said, “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.”

  8. I would think the most amazing thing that person was amazed by is Kim Kardashian telling Kanye he needs therapy. To think he’d listen to anyone is amazing in itself. An amazing post for an amazing day.

  9. You’re what’s amazing.

  10. Who is the handsome young man in the photo from the 1970s?

  11. Carol Ferenc

    It amazes me how you keep your blog so fresh everyday, Ann. YOU are amazing!

  12. I am always amazed by talented people of any form including the blogger of this post.

  13. I’m always amazed that I think I can eat something delicious in my car without making a mess and your photo proves that’s impossible. That photo made me laugh. Stay amazing!

  14. jwoodruf2015

    I loved Pat Methane’s rendition of And I Love her…he is truly amazing Jan PS–thanks for visiting yesterday 🙂

    Janet S. Woodruff RN, BSN Healthcare Associates BIDMC ________________________________________

  15. I though the “most-amazing” might be to see Trump on the cover of Rolling Stone. On reflection, I was most amazed to see the seed kiosk.

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