Day 1167: Check-in

Yesterday, when I saw this:


… I stopped to think how check-in is so important in every therapy group I do.

In my therapy groups, after we complete a mindfulness exercise, we do check-in, wherein people:

  • introduce themselves to each other,
  • describe their experiences in the moment,
  • report on what’s been going on for them,
  • express their expectations, hopes, and/or concerns about the session ahead, and
  • share whatever else they choose.

As I remind people every time, there is no right or wrong way to do check-in.

I am now going to check in with my phone, to check in any other photos from yesterday.











Now I’m ready for my check-in!

Today, I am very grateful to be here with all of you. Since I last checked in with you via this blog, I had a full day of work and then I went out to dinner with my boyfriend and my son.  At the large teaching hospital where I work, I’m so happy  I get to see people individually and in groups AND also be available to patients visiting their doctors who need emotional support, in the moment. Sometimes, when I’m on “quick response” (as I was yesterday afternoon), I don’t get a lot of calls.  In that case, I always find other things to do, some of which I share on this blog.

I’m done with my check-in, so now I shall pass it to you. Feel free to check-in with a comment, below.

And thanks to all who check in, whenever and however they do.

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26 thoughts on “Day 1167: Check-in

  1. I check-in about Pi and I think Pi is quite a strange number, weird or even mystery.

  2. Checking-in is very important, especially in a world where are disconnected from “real” life and feel “liking” something on Facebook is the same as picking up the phone. Many of us need to do some more face to face checking in before it’s too late. Thanks for the reminder …

  3. Check out those boots!!! 😎

  4. I like the most accurate pie chart Ann, specifically black cherry, and just to be clear, more would be eaten. ❤
    Diana xo

  5. Hi Ann, just checking in. I plan on painting trim today. I was going to garden but it is entirely too soggy out there. I think I might try and break through that wall of being stumped on my book I am working on. Have been stalled for sometime now but I think I see a glimmer of light. Hope you have a wonderful day doing Ann type things!!!

  6. Carol Ferenc

    Checking it to tell you I love all the pie charts and ~ oh, yes ~ the little paranormal guy is awesome, too.

  7. I’m glad I took the time to check in because I feel the Pac Man chart is incorrect. While I hate to check anyone’s mistakes I hope corrections can be informative. One-hundred percent of the chart resembles Pac Man with an open mouth. And if it were a solid yellow circle that would also be correct–Pac Man with a closed mouth.
    That’s the failing of pie charts: they aren’t open to the possibility of multiple right answers. And not all pies are round.

    • As I was walking around with my son, I told him about your comment. He says that he thought the same thing you did when he first saw that Pac Man pie chart, but then he concluded that the pie chart was 100% correct. I know you’re open to the possibility of multiple right answers.

  8. I just loved these cartoons and pie charts. Beautiful Simpsons’ one and the Don’t worry one is perfect and the pyramid is so clever.

  9. Checking in to say I love the last two drawings!

  10. Even if sometimes I am late, I like to check in to make sure your are still here

  11. As I’m trying to fly through blog posts of blog friends….I stopped in my flying and wanted to check in and say….hi Ann. 🙂

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