Day 1166: Take up space!!

I’m going to take my own advice and take up space in this post by explaining why I’m urging us all to

Take up space!!

A lot of people I see in therapy are afraid to take up space, because they have been told by others and/or by circumstances that they do not deserve to take up space.

Yesterday, when several people were taking up space in a group therapy session, I took up space to write this:


I also took up space yesterday on two whiteboards, inviting people to take up space with all their different feelings, thoughts, and experiences:




I am now going to take up space with something I just found online when I searched on “Take up space.”

Take up space with a comment, below, or however else you choose.

Taking-up-space thanks to Vanessa Kisuule, to people who heal in therapy, and to you — of course! — for taking up space, here and now.


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28 thoughts on “Day 1166: Take up space!!

  1. I am beginning to understand this slowwwwwwly!

  2. Wise advice!
    Once I started to dismiss my inner critic and started to embrace my inner rock star, everything got better.

  3. amy eden

    Loved the Take up space piece from vanessa— thanks for including that .

  4. Hamlet said, “I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself a king of infinite space were it not that I have bad dreams.” Vanessa Kisuule’s words are an excellent counterpoint to that–she encourages us to dream well and dream big. I’m glad to allow her to take up space in my head.

  5. As I have gotten older, I find I don’t mind taking up space (and I do seem to take up quite a bit more space than I did when I was younger). I just don’t worry what people think as much as I use to. It is quite liberating. Have a space filling day, Ann!!!!!!

  6. I am proud to take up all the space I need. Granted, a somewhat larger space than years ago.☺…but still, I’m proud. Nice thoughts, Ann. 💕

  7. The times I most feel I’m just taking up space is at parties or social gatherings in general. After all these years I still feel like I was invited out of pity and it’d be better if I wasn’t there. It doesn’t come up that often, but still more than it should.

  8. ……..and don’t invade anyone else’s

  9. Ann,
    If you don’t take up space quick enough on a crowded subway, you may find yourself standing.

  10. I am not afraid of taking up a space to post a comment here.

  11. Carol Ferenc

    I’m enjoying the wide open spaces here on the Minnesota prairie today. Have a wonderful weekend, Ann.

  12. Thank you for this post, Ann.. it took me a long time and years of intensive therapy to believe that I deserved to take up space 🙂 Cheers!

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