Day 1165: Gifts of the here and now

Yesterday, several of my therapy patients talked about the gifts of the here and now. Here and now, I’ll tell you some things they said:

  • Being in the here and now — letting go of worry about the future and regrets about the past — increases confidence and inner peace.
  • Focusing on the here and now should be called “anti-therapy,” because conventional therapy focuses on the past.
  • Staying in the here and now is difficult, because human minds naturally drift to the there and then.

Are you with me, here and now?

Here and now are forty-one photographic gifts from yesterday, when I was there and then during a gorgeous, unseasonably warm March 9 around Boston, Massachusetts, USA:



Through the gifts of blogging, I can tell you that this house in Lexington, Massachusetts …


… is where my ex-husband and I got married in 1988, which resulted in the here-and-now gift of my eighteen year-old son.

Here and now,  can you see how this photo


… offers the gift of a musical choice, honoring the Beatles and George Martin (who passed away two days ago)?

Here and now, I would appreciate the gifts of any comment from you.

Here-and-now thanks to those who heal in therapy, to Lexington Massachusetts, to the Beatles, to George Martin, and to you — of course! — for being here, now.


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44 thoughts on “Day 1165: Gifts of the here and now

  1. Love the sign: Mindfulness exercise in progress, please wait. Haha

  2. I like the message and these pictures. Living in the present is the best 😊

  3. Mindfulness seems to be an acquired skill…but such an important one. George Martin saw the magic that others missed. RIP.

  4. A pawprint high five to you 🙂

  5. Eleanor

    Every time I go by the house I think of you — wonderful to see the picture and more wonderful (wonderfuler?) your son Aaron was a result of your wedding there!

  6. Ann, I am here, reading your blog now and enjoying the photos. Have a lovely day enjoying the presently warm weather.

  7. To quote the great poet and philosopher, Dr. Seuss
    Today is your day.
    You’re off to Great Places!
    You’re off and away!”
    (from “The Places You’ll Go!”)

    Love the pics. Have a great today!

  8. Here and now is most important, but we can’t forget the next, for we need to plan for future growth. I suppose we can’t forget the past, either, but all we really can LIVE is the here and now. I think I’m confusing myself…

  9. Taking time to be in the here and now caused me to stop and look even more carefully than usual at your pictures and I noticed that I can see your reflection in more than one of them. And then I realized that you are present for all of your pictures even if you aren’t visible.
    And that has me thinking more deeply about how pictures capture a moment, keeping it in the present, preserving not just the image but, in a way, time itself.
    None of this would have occurred to me if I hadn’t stopped to consider the moment.

  10. What a lovely place for a wedding!

  11. Whenever I see your pics I think that it’d be fun to go out with you for a day. You catch the most interesting things that would otherwise be rather mundane. I enjoy them.

  12. Many therapists as well as 12 step recovery programs advocate in living in the now. But the now is the mere momentary intersection of the past and future. Beyond that time axiom how should we define the now to give it some concrete meaning ? An hour, today, this week…?

  13. Astute sounding patients. They sound more like mindful students!

  14. Carol Ferenc

    It’s difficult to always stay in the here and now, but important. I try.
    Lovely setting for a wedding!

  15. I was saddened by the death of George Martin – seemed like such a lovely gentlemen to whom we owed well – the Beatles!

  16. Here and now is good but we generally are in past and future all the time 🙂 I am wondering what Mindfulness exercise is.

    • I start every therapy group with a mindfulness exercise, when we spend a few minutes using our senses, trying our best to be mindfully in the moment, concentrating on the here and now. It takes practice to train the human mind to come back from the past and the future and stay mindfully in the present moment.

  17. Be here now. How many people taking a shower are actually in the shower?? I try, but I’m often not there as well!

  18. You are on the back of the blank canvas and simultaneously in the glass and on the sidewalk..You are looking out at yourself and you are also looking in, taking a photo. You are outdoors and indoors, space-occupying and not space-occupying, facing forward and facing backwards. You are in the moment but not as just one Anne.

  19. Our past informs the here and now

  20. Great post in the here and now, Ann… Mindfully being present 🙂 saved my life!

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