Day 1164: Choose

I choose to begin today’s post by listing all the times I’ve used the word “choose” in a post title before:

Day 285:  How to choose a doctor

Day 963: How to choose the title for a post

Day 1083: How to Choose a Post Title

I choose to state my surprise that I have chosen to use the word “choose” so seldom during the past one thousand, one hundred and sixty-odd days of my daily blog, since we all need to choose so often, every day.

Why did I choose the title “Choose” today? Because yesterday, in therapy, somebody talked about how to choose when balancing personal needs with the needs of loved ones.


If you choose, please share what “Choose your battles” means to you.

I now choose to share all the other photos I took yesterday.





I choose to explain that last photo, as follows:  Yesterday evening, I chose to drive my chosen friend and co-worker Megan home. As we made choices driving to Megan’s home, she spotted the car her mother had chosen, directly in front of us.  When Megan chose to call her mother on her chosen cell phone to reveal this choice coincidence, her mother chose to suggest that Megan get out of my chosen car and get into hers, in order to make things easier for me. After Megan chose to get out of my car and get into her mother’s, I chose to snap the above photo and also chose to text this to Megan:

I miss you!

Megan chose to text me this back:

I miss you too!!!!

Luckily, since Megan chose to join me at work a few months ago, we can choose to see each other  very often.

I now choose to share this song by Sting, about the multiverses created whenever people choose:

What would you choose to say about all I chose to share today?

Finally, I choose to thank  Megan, Megan’s mother, my patients, Sting and you — of course! — for choosing to visit my blog, here and now.

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41 thoughts on “Day 1164: Choose

  1. What a strong close with Sting!

  2. I choose to explain why I choose to read your blog each morning. It is always insightful, uplifting and entertaining. A good choice, indeed.

  3. I chose to come to your blog and read. I then chose to smile at your whimsy/reality. I’m still smiling.. 🙂

  4. You chose well, Ann. Thanks for the morning Sting. 💖

  5. I choose to point out that you say “one thousand, one hundred and sixty-odd days” but 1164 is an even number, so it’s “one thousand, one hundred and sixty-even days”. Unless you weren’t counting today. Rather that picking my battles I prefer to work toward consensus.

    • If you are going for consensus and won’t agree to “sixty-odd”, what about ” sixty-some’?

      • What if I chose to write “one thousand, one hundred, and sixty-odd” because (1) I wasn’t sure how many days I’ve been blogging (since I’ve published an extra post, here and there) and (2) because I choose to believe that a lot of my days are odd? Your move, professors.

    • I choose to find it very odd that there is no response here from me to you, Chris, for your choice comment. If I had to choose, I would have bet I already wrote one. Thanks for choosing to read my blog — I choose gratitude for that.

    • Now I choose to remember that I did answer both your and Maureen’s comments, on the day I chose to write and publish this post.

  6. The story of Megan’s ride home was delightful. I’m so glad that you have a good friend at work.

  7. I chose to read your post today. I am so glad I did. I choose my battles because it makes me happy not to find conflict in everything. I hope you have a happy, happy day.

  8. 1. There’s no point in choosing a battle you have no chance of winning. 2. My most life-changing choice was to leave a Marine Insurance claims desk for that of a Social Worker – called Child Care Officer then. I hadn’t made my own choice for the first career – just followed an uncle’s advice.

  9. I chose to read your blog today and am glad you chose choose as the topic. I’m also choosing to respond to the question you chose to ask, what does “Choose your battles” mean to me.

    It’s a little hard to respond because it speaks for itself, but here goes. We have many battles in life, some as simple as whether to get out of bed or not. Overall, however, I think it refers to people. We are constantly choosing battles with others. We can only choose so many because they can be exhausting. Therefore….hell, I don’t know where I’m going with this. How about, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.””

  10. Maureen

  11. I choose to take time away from creating my yoga mentoring program to catch up with you today Ann.
    A good choice on my part.
    Thank you ❤️

  12. People like to have more choices to choose from … be able to choose is good 🙂

  13. I can tell you I choose to be happy, I choose not to allow negative thoughts and words to spend too much time in my head, is it easy no but still I choose to try

  14. What a great song. I had not heard it. For me, choosing your battles happens when there is a lot of discord/dissonance/disagreement and rather than fighting all the time, choose to fight when it matters–rises above petty irritation. it can also just mean somethings aren’t worth fighting about. which is so true!

  15. Carol Ferenc

    Choose your battles ~ very wise words to live by. I choose love and harmony every day.

  16. I used to fly off the handle at every little thing.. especially when I was manic or in a mixed state. I always chose to battle everything. Now I only choose those things that are important to me.. health, love, beauty, harmony, peace.. if something is out of balance with those, I choose to desert whatever it is. Great post, Ann 🙂

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