Day 1163: Why?

Why is the title for today’s post “Why?”

I saw that word, first thing yesterday morning, as I was dropping off my car for its first service:


Why did I take a photo of “Why?” It was part of a bigger sign


… but I guess I  focus on the Why.

An hour later, I found out that one of my patients had passed away.

When I heard the news, I first focused on the Why. Then, I  went to many other questions, thoughts, and feelings.

I’m thankful  I work at a hospital where those who knew that patient were able to connect and

  • ask why,
  • shed a tear,
  • share memories, and
  • express gratitude for knowing her.

All day, I met with the living and took other pictures. Why?  Because that’s what I do.

Why do I do this, every day?

Because sharing my thoughts, feelings, and experiences here helps me, every time.

Thanks to all who visit my blog, without asking “Why?”

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34 thoughts on “Day 1163: Why?

  1. I would ask, “Why not?”

  2. Why wouldn’t I want to read your blog? 🙂 As a kid, I used to drive my parents nuts with asking why to stuff and then answering their questions with another why. They hated it worse then the baby question haha.

    • You sound like me and my son, Alex. Perhaps those who ask so many Whys when they’re kids turn out to be wise.

  3. So sorry to hear someone you knew passed away, but to express gratitude for knowing her is a wonderful thing. I seem to ask why less often these days- things just happen and we have no choice but to accept them and move on

  4. I’m sorry for your loss, Ann.
    I don’t think there is an answer for “why” sometimes. And sometimes there is, but we can’t know for sure if we’ve found it as nobody is marking our answers.Thinking warmly of you today.

  5. It is a profound experience indeed when a patient dies while receiving care from you (among others). I am glad she or he had time with you during their lifetime and that you had others who knew them to share with. Xox

  6. No questions asked. I’m here.
    Why not? I smile ever time I read your blog title.

  7. Why do I visit your blog most every day? Because I LOVE to. That’s why!

  8. Here is an extract from an earlier post of mine: ‘Malachi is most definitely at the ‘why’ stage. This morning, over breakfast, he asked Jackie ‘why?’. She had a ready answer, smiled, and said ‘I anticipated that one’. ‘What does that mean?’, he asked. ‘I knew you’d ask why?’, she replied. A mischievous grin game over his face. ‘Why?’, he said. Why is it that children always win that game?’

    After my grandson emigrated to Australia I got my own back:

  9. I’m naturally curious. It probably comes from being a writer. I find myself asking “Why?” all the time. Usually I don’t get an answer…oh, the great mysteries of life.

  10. A loss often prompts us to ask, “Why?'” but I think an underlying question is, “Why do we go on?”
    There’s no single answer to that question which reminds me of one of my philosophy professors. In one of his Existentialism classes the final exam was one word: “Why?”
    One student wrote down, “Why not?” and got an A.
    Another student filled a blue book with an extensive and detailed answer and also got an A.
    In the end I felt that the real lesson was that it’s a question without a single answer.

    • I enjoyed reading your comment, Christopher. I wonder if I would have the courage to write “Why not?” on an exam worth so much. But it is the only answer, sometimes. Would love to read the other student’s long answer. Was that student you?

      • Unfortunately I was not that student. She told me she wrote a brief history of philosophy and came out feeling like a lemon that had been squeezed, a feeling I understand.
        Writing “Why not?” would take more courage than I have, although I did once cut an exam answer short with the explanation that it was snowing outside and there was no way I could possibly write anymore when I could be building a snowman.

    • Why do I love comments from Chris and Maureen? Isn’t it obvious?

  11. “Why” is a very good question to have. We all love to know why.

  12. Why indeed, as some have said why not, well sometimes the answer to why not is because I am not crazy or have a death wish just saying.

  13. Be gracious, don’t ask yourself why,
    Drop all your leaves to winter, drought or decay..

    Smile at fading suns and familiar laughter,
    Kiss the withering blossoms at your feet.

    Find contentment
    As legacy unfolds and leaves you alone.

    Rejoice in transitions
    That force you to age on behalf

    Older carcasses adorn deserts
    and pulverize skeletons to dust that flies.

    Sediment that harbors
    insatiable thirst of youthful dicots to spring,

    And caress you from far away places
    It might have been death, surrender, or deep sleep.

  14. Missed you yesterday, Maria. Glad to see you back.

  15. How come?..

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