Day 1159: Good enough

Yesterday, in therapy, somebody described feeling guilty about how good a friend they were to somebody else.  We discussed how we humans tend to think of ourselves as all good OR all bad — in friendship, at work, with families, etc. —  flipping back and forth between the two extreme judgments of ourselves.

I suggested that this person always think of themselves of a “good enough friend” no matter what, rather than getting caught in the trap of “all or nothing” thinking.

Is this post good enough?

It IS good enough, but I can make it better by adding all the photos I took yesterday.









It’s good enough, here and now, to let you know that last night’s therapy group chose to focus on the topic of “Happy/Happiness.”  During that group, I drew the two pictures shown directly above AND I also wrote down the lyrics of this good enough song by Pharrell Williams:


I hope you know that any thoughts or feelings you share here are good enough for me.

Good enough thanks to all!


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43 thoughts on “Day 1159: Good enough

  1. Love that song. Always puts me in a good mood 🙂

  2. Happy to read your good enough blog post this morning, Ann. Hope I’m good enough of a blog follower, clicking the like button and writing a good word when I can.

  3. Lots of pressure here today.I will be so happy if we get a good enough day. Thank you, Ann.

  4. A room without a roof. Perfect lyric. 💕

  5. This was more than good enough to get my Friday morning (a day off for me) off to a good enough start! Thanks as always.

  6. Remember George Grand, the character from The Plague by Camus? He could never finish his novel because he wanted it to be so perfect the publisher would read it and say, “Gentleman, hats off!” Sometimes though good enough is perfect.
    Hats off to this post, to Pharrell Williams, and to you.

  7. For some, like me, it takes a lifetime to be content with good enough

  8. I love this song. It always makes me feel good………… about everything.
    As for being good enough, we all question ourselves on that one.
    I came away from a relationship knowing I had done my best, that I had tried everything in my power to make it work. I have no regrets, and no guilt as to how things turned out.

  9. Becky

    I want that “daily b****” 😄😂 it’s good enough to make my day 😊

  10. I try not to think about being good enough as I probably never will be so why sweat it! Love the song – thanks!

  11. Carol Ferenc

    Perfect song! I no longer worry whether I’m good enough. It is what it is.

  12. “I think I am. That’s close enough.” — Axiom #1, Peruaosophy



  13. All or nothing always a though stand. I think good enough is just as it says “good enough”.

  14. This post was much more than “good enough,” Ann. I felt warm, comfortable and happy! I like hot air balloons and the open air of rooms with roofs. 🙂

  15. I like that you created a room without a roof and a hot air balloon. I like the freedom they both represent. Thank you for sharing your pictures.

  16. There are always so many things in your posts that here I am, re-reading “Good Enough” one day later, and it is still good enough to keep me interested in a bunch of new ways.

  17. Happiness is the truth. Love that song! It’s a guaranteed car concert, dancing behind the wheel and general good mood.

  18. Good enough. Man, that’s a great concept. And sometimes I need to remember that!

  19. Both good and bad are judgements, so good enough is probably closer to ‘appropriate’, for me anyway.

  20. Lovely post and just what I needed. I had never heard the song and was enchanted by the video.

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