Day 1157: Please Knock

What does “Please Knock” mean to you?

Here are some possible meanings of “Please Knock” currently knocking around in my mind:

  • Announce yourself.
  • Your presence is welcome.
  • Make noise.
  • Insult somebody.
  • Seize an opportunity (instead of waiting for opportunity to knock first).
  • “I am a social worker at a prominent teaching hospital in Boston who is not otherwise engaged in this moment.”

I saw all those “Please Knock” signs, yesterday, when I walked to a part of that hospital where I work and:

What other photos are knocking to be revealed here, on this morning after the Massachusetts USA presidential primary?










Before I turn the off the lights in today’s post, I want to knock on your door one more time, with this:  I’m seeing my long-time cardiologist, Dr. Deeb Salem, later today.  Dr. Salem (knocking around in this previous post) has always encouraged me to Please Knock with any questions during our appointments.

It always pleases me to know that my knocking is welcome, anywhere.

Please knock with any comments, below.  And knocking good thanks for knocking on the door of my blog, today.

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36 thoughts on “Day 1157: Please Knock

  1. Please knock on a door suggests to me that the occupier is available for interruption, but doesn’t really want to be disturbed. When a Social Services Area Manager, I used a cardboard clock with movable hands, bearing the legend: ‘Engaged until’ – that meant ‘go away and come back after then’

    • I think the social workers who use that sign where I work actually DO want to be interrupted. If not, I’ve been disturbing a lot of people, Derrick.

  2. A cardiologist? I hope that all is well

    • I hope that all is well and I hope that my cardiologist doesn’t knock that assessment! Thanks for kindly knocking here today, Rajiv.

  3. Ann…Ann…Ann. (knocking 3 times). Doing my best Big Bang Theory impersonation. ☺

  4. “Please knock” sounds to me like an invitation and every invitation is an opportunity for a joke.

  5. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it I always say. And always, let me stress – ALWAYS wait for a definite response before opening a door you’ve knocked on. I was a bit precipitous one time: knocked and started opening my boss’s door barely after tapping to glimpse her changing from biking pants to work clothes!

    • I will follow your unknockable advice about knocking on doors, Janey, and there is no way I would ever knock your comments.

  6. I keep waiting for opportunity to knock on my door. It has before, but I didn’t recognize it until it was too late.

  7. Carol Ferenc

    While I would never ignore a “Please Knock” sign on a door, I must admit my favorite door sign today is “Just Be.” That says it all.

  8. “Please Knock” could be a way of saying “Don’t just stand out there in the hallway shouting at me or ringing a cowbell!” On the other hand, it could also mean “Don’t you dare interrupt me/us right now!!!!” In any case, I think it takes guts to knock on doors. Especially when they’re closed. So on the whole, I like the kindness of a Please Knock sign.

    I also like your comment about singing for patients in the hospital!


  9. “Please knock” is necessary for me. As someone who is “recovering” from a type of PTSD, if a door is closed and someone suddenly opens it without warning, I jump out of my skin. My startle reflex is still out of whack.

  10. I wonder if doors like knock knock jokes 😉

  11. Knock Knock! I follow the instruction of this post today.

  12. Rude, criminal pigs! They probably flew! But that wolf, I’m not sure. Did it really knock?

  13. I hope your visit with Dr. Salem went well. He is my favourite doctor and he is not even my doctor!

    • He is my favorite doctor, too, Maureen, and I am so pleased that he is my doctor and that you are my reader!

  14. When one knocks on the door of life one may get a nice surprise, however, I would not advise knocking on the door death as we do not want to be welcomed in before our time although I am of the thinking if it is not our time the knock will be unanswered or we are told to go away and come back later. Those who die before their time are the ones who do not know but shove open the door often forcing it because it doesn’t want to open

  15. Knock Knock is nothing more than the beginning of a dumb joke. Which we all need in our lives. Come on in!

  16. I liked the idea of being open to interruptions, when I worked with special ed preschool. Counseling needs boundaries, for privacy sake…
    Ann, I liked counseling for awhile, I was taught to be more open. So, I knew this took a chance. Good news is, we all need to be more open and honest.

  17. I forgot to ask, How did it go at your cardiologist’s? I need to check out the singing opportunity at the Voice auditions, Ann. Wow! Take care and you can always come in my door without the formality of knocking.♡

    • I love that you knocked again here, Robin! It went well at my cardiologist and also at my audition for “The Voice” (even if I didn’t make it on the show).

  18. The “please knock” thing may be an attempt to control surroundings, but the only thing that seems to works is a lock.

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