Day 1154: Come in and ask!

Yesterday, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, I saw this:


No matter where I go, I have many questions,  so I really appreciate an invitation to come in and ask. 

What questions do I want to come in and ask, here and now?

Here’s one:

How can I remember the important lessons of each moment I’ve lived, as I move into the uncertainties of the future?

If you had one question you could come in and ask, what would it be?

Come in and ask about any of the images I captured yesterday. 
































Come in and ask! I may not know all the answers, but who does?

Now, I’ll come in and ask you this: Of all the items pictured above, which one did I purchase in beautiful Portsmouth?

Come in and ask or answer whatever you choose. I’m just glad you’re here. 

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50 thoughts on “Day 1154: Come in and ask!

  1. It is 5:58 AM in Wisconsin’s countryside…your photos provided me with a morning meditation! Thank you for posting such interesting finds!

  2. I have to ask, just how are you able to put such collections of photographs together each day? (Today is one of, if not the best, group of photos in over 1,150 days, giver or take a few)

    You have helped me form a new, healthier attitude towards cats, signed, The Black Lab.

    • Thank you for asking. It’s easy for me; I just take pictures of all the interesting things I see around me every day. My cats say hello to you, Black Lab.

  3. Bsrbara

    That store is my next shopping destination. Thanks for sharing!

  4. You have a good question. I do not know that I know how but I just hope I learn the lesson (good or bad) and it teaches me when I need one. But I usually cannot do that :(.

    I like the picture that has boats with the sails in the covered. The place looks calm. I have a question. Why do they do that?

    • They cover the sailboats during the winter to protect them from the weather, which usually includes ice and snow. You have a good question, too!

  5. Portsmouth looks like a place I would just love to visit. I love the “Bad decisions make great stories” sign, but I think you purchased that necklace, because it looks like something you would wear.

    • Thank you for coming in and answering. You are a GREAT guesser who seems to know me better than I know myself. I did purchase that necklace, saying, “I’ve never bought anything like this before.” I hope that wasn’t a bad decision!

  6. Love that “This is your life” sign…so many important things to remember…

  7. So many good ones…but I think you stuck with “Do one thing every day that scares you”.☺
    p.s. Did Matt’s cheese change your life ??

    • Time will tell whether Matt’s cheese changed my life, Van. As always, I’m so glad you answered this post with this comment!

  8. I’m going with the life changing cheese. I hope it changes life for the better. I like the sign. Very creative. And it makes me feel desire to eat some!
    What a gallery.

    • My friend Barbara and I did get a free sample of the life-changing cheese, Ruth. I hope it changes our lives for the better! Thank you for the lovely answer of this comment.

  9. I love this post. So much in it to think aboit. Not sure what you bought, but will guess the cat slippers. They look warm but I am not sure if your feet felt cold.

    I, too, have found that bad decisions make great stories. Great stories can bring you good friends who have made their own bad decisions.

    The picture of the wave was quite scary. Like a wall of black water. I have never seen a wave like that.

    Did you ask a question ?

    • Thanks for all the lovely answers and questions, Maureen. I took a photo of a rock wall with some frozen water and my iPhone did a questionable thing of switching to black-and-white without my knowing it. Today the temperatures were much warmer, so I’m assuming that wall looked a lot different. I didn’t buy the cat slippers, but I was warmed by them and by this comment.

    • After I wrote my first answer, Maureen, I questioned whether I understood which image you were questioning. If your question was about the first wave, that was a painting in the hotel.

      • Yes, that one. Only later sis I realize that might have been wall (hotel wall)beneath the wall of wave, and not sand.

  10. By the way, I think that you probably tasted Matt’s free samples of life changing cheese and then, because you liked Matt, you or your friend bought some cheese, whether it was the world’s best cheddar or a tofu substitute. You also had a long chat with Matt and likely took his photo, maybe for a future blog post. But I did not guess it as the thing you bought because that is really people-befriending rather than shopping. I bet Matt was interesting, if he was there with his cheese and it was not just a brand name.

  11. Was that a metal dreidle with the word protection on it? Hmmm. Maybe you bought the Lion of Truth.

    This is way more fun than going shopping myself.

  12. I’m a huge question asker too Ann. Love this post, its photos and you! ❤
    Diana xo

  13. Carol Ferenc

    I have to ask ~ how was the life-changing cheese?
    I love the cat wisdom but I’d guess you purchased the color photo of the Portsmouth harbor. Maybe.

    • The cheese was delicious; whether it was life-changing will become more obvious as life goes on. I loved the cat wisdom and the color photo of Portsmouth harbor, but I purchased neither of those. I would never question your comments, Carol.

  14. Ann, What’s the subject of the 2nd picture from the top?

  15. I’m guessing it’s “You can never cross the ocean …” Seems like a good theme for a therapist.

  16. Great boutique Ann, but listen…I have many, many questions to ask. I will not be able to publish Oscar’s book if he becomes a smoker and a drunk. How can I get Penny Dreadful off his mind?

  17. The Fuzzy Feet Lazy One slippers! I hope you bought extra pairs to resell!

  18. hello ann koplow its dennis the vizsla dog hay yes i hav a kwestchun how kan i stop saya frum steeling my toys all the time??? and ummm also how long did it tayk them to shrink rap all those botes??? ok bye

  19. So where and how did you develop your great taste (and love) of music? Any single moment that defined it for you?

    • I’m so pleased and honored when you come in and ask anything, Randall. I grew up in a household where my father sang and shared his love of many kinds of music. I remember the first time I heard a jazz performance on TV — Count Basie and his orchestra — and that positively electrified me when I was very young. And my connection with music helped me get through some really challenging times, as I grew. Now it’s my turn to ask: Where and how did you develop your great taste (and love) of photography and people?

      • What a magical household it must have been growing up with music all around ~ and to have such a nice, solid pieces of positive memories of the impact of Count Basie and his orchestra. 🙂 A great return question, I would say the slide shows my dad would give us occasionally throughout the year always triggered a dream of photography, and it was his attempts at photographing a lunar eclipse that perhaps impacted me the most. Wish you a great week Ann!

  20. I love so many of the images in this post Ann-especially the embroidered bicycle on the hand towel 🙂

  21. Lovely pictures. The only question I can think of at the moment is how do I get my phone service provider to put right the problem they have created?

    • I’m always coming in with questions like that, Derrick, and I wish our lovely service providers would answer our questions better.

  22. jwoodruf2015

    I think you purchased the ‘This is your life’ Poster or those really pretty wine glasses.

    • I’m glad whenever you come in, Jan. I’m glad I could come in to the room where you work after I got back from vacation and ask and answer lots of questions with you. And, as you now know, I purchased the wood-and-metal necklace.

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